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 Nu World 24/7 -

Server Type: Halo Custom Edition
Status: Operational
Game Type: Slayer - Team Play
Game Variant: REALNEWteamslayergen
Map: icefields
Red Team Blue Team
Players 3 4
Team Score 25 26

 Players:  7/16
Player Name score Team
TavixXx 9 red
Tetsu 14 red
SoySHo 2 blue
Joseph204 5 blue
osra97 2 red
killer117 18 blue
jeferson 0 blue
 Server Options
Server Type Dedicated Server Version
Requires Password No Frag Limit 50
 Player Options  Weapons
Number of Lives Infinite Infinite Grenades No
Health 100% Weapon Set Normal
Shields Yes Starting Equipment Generic
Respawn Time Instant  Team Play Options
Respawn Growth None Friendly Fire Off
Odd Man Out No Friendly Fire Penalty None
Suicide Penalty 5 seconds Auto Team Balance Yes
 Indicator Options  Vehicle Sets
Radar Motion Tracker Vehicle Respawn 3 minutes
Players On Radar All Red Vehicles Custom
Friend Indicators Yes Blue Vehicles Custom
Invisible Players No