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Cerazine V2

Title: Cerazine V2
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: Draco FireBlaze/nihao123456ftw
Description: Cerazine is a gigantic rocky ravine with multiple way and strategies to reach the opposition base.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 47.9M  Date: 09/20/12
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 2,648
User Rating: pending

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User Rating: pending

File Notes

Cerazine is a gigantic rocky ravine with multiple way and strategies to reach the opposition base. Works on all gametypes (see readme for some gametype recommendations). players have 4 route choices (2 infantry and 2 vehicle routes) spanned across both inside and above the ravine. All the short-ranged weapons on the map have been amped up SLIGHTLY (not a lot, you wouldn’t even notice if I didn’t tell this to you) to accomodate for the advantages that medium and long ranged weapons would have over short-ranged on this map.
Author: Draco FireBlaze/nihao123456ftw

(Release Notes)
1. New weapons and vehicles. Although they are mostly from CMT's tagset i've made a lot of edits to the weapons in general. For example, the BRG shoots a flashbang grenade.
-Halo 3 BR replaced with Flashbang Battle Rifle
-Portable and deployable turret by CMT - sort of fixed for multiplayer (may spawn 2 copies for clients, but that's better than spawning a million turrets for clients to cause exceptions right?)
-Mongoose (hard to control, don't overturn)
-Anti-vehicle weaponry (well not really, but most of the close range weapons are just slightly more effective against vehicles. They are the high recoil weapons)
-FRPG: An RPG that shoots grenades that burst into flames. The initial explosion isn't very powerful (grenade jumps! :D), but the fire is. There has been a minor issue with client side fires spawning along with server side fires (2 fires, 1 is fake) if a client fires the FRPG. This replaces the brute shot.
2. Geometry error fixes! YAY
-99% of the visible geometry errors (the 1% that I know of is very minor, kind of hidden in plain sight and shouldn't affect anything) have been removed plus fixed all update edge errors (i think).
-Modified geometry, e.g: some water and bridges
-I know I said that I was going to make the bridge look better, but my map size is so large i'm worried that I won't be able to compile the map if I do anything else
3. Bug fixes!
-Fixed a crash bug at the bridge (in v1 I covered it with rocks so that player's couldnt trigger it, now it's fixed completely)
-Also fixed an invisible wall glitch in the bridge, vehicles sometimes would get stuck when going through this
4. Easter eggs... more of them! Just music though. No super nuke or anything (Hint: look for a tree that was not in the v1 release)
5. New gameplay!
-Kill zone removed from falling into the ravine from above. Now it just ejects players from vehicles (which will most likely will players anyways) and respawns the vehicle afterwards. Not that you can "deflect" falling damage (maybe even completely) by landing on slanted surfaces and scenery - a new skill element tactic for the map
-Floating platforms to jump across from or to bases. May be a slightly sneakier way to get to the base if everyone is camping at the teleporters. (you can also just snipe people if they camp at the teleporters)


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