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Kirby Ce3 Demo Yelo

Title: Kirby Ce3 Demo Yelo
Section: YELO - Open Sauce Maps
Author: Kirby_422
Description: CE3 2012 Script Pack

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 11.1M  Date: 08/05/12
Downloads: 592
User Rating: pending

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File Notes

;; Boosting

This script detects the vehicle you're in, regardless of the object name. This vehicle could even be spawned through devmode, and the script will accept it.
Currently only default halo vehicles are profiled. To profile a new vehicle, load a map that has that vehicle (either named, or with the boost script in it) and enter 'objects_distance_to_object (players) ' while sitting in it. If you are using the boost script, current_vehicle will suffice as the vehicle name.

Banshee currently states at the save height while boosting. There is an option to alow it to move up and down while boosting; simply uncomment it and comment out the other part (You'll see it)

;; MP

It won't work perfectly in MP, because velocity doesn't sync; It looked fairly good when I tested it with people though, only minor issues. Its a huge copy of the SP, with minor changes. You'll most likely suffer if you want to add a new vehicle profile in there unless you are replacing a default vehicle with 'replace all' in your text editor.
If someone joins while someone is in a vehicle, they wont notice whats happening until that person exits and re-enters the vehicle. This is where the biggest MP issue will come from.



;; Sword Lunge

This is a debugging thing right now, it would be kinda foolish setting it up for a large map, just toss a few test bipeds down and set em up, play around, figure out your ideal settings. The trigger system needs to be worked out rather than a player action test. It'll be with animations similar to the PP stuff.

If you use the script without changes, it expects bipeds called bob and joe.


;; Vehicle EMP

Current script just checks the vehicle shield, if it isnt full turn off the engine (Covie vehicles only. Warthog and scorpion will just turn off headlights)
Can be altered to set engine accordingly to the shield, etc. (One of the activation conditions is for if you want to add this)


;; Walljump

Its only really setup for walls in 4 directions, not angled ones. You could easily customize it to your wall. This is more to say its been done than anything lol; could make a decent platformer..


;; Multi-Turret

Requires a scenery for each turret you're attaching. You can make it aim the same direction as your vehicle in two different ways, but neither of them are useful; directly attach the turrets to the vehicle, but that prevents the user from entering. Using OS to angle the turrets, but this alters their scale and can flatten them.


;; PP Charge

Requires 2 scenery, pp_check_01 and pp_check_02. Make these invisible. Your Plasma Pistol you use is expected to have a 3rd person animation that brings these 2 scenery together when charging (Rip tags from example map)


;; Pickup Vehicles

Listen to the advertisement at the top of this document. Grab Version 1.00 or higher. Run the template through the application, it will ask for a few naming schemes, a marker, etc. After the script has been produced, there will be a comment block at the bottom listing all the items required with your settings (So enter settings that match what you already have in your map)

At the moment, I have nothing to wake the physics when the item is let go, so if the item wasnt active before being picked up, it wont be active with halos physics system.
One way to deal with this is to have a damage_effect on that marker that activates everytime you press the flashlight button (This would be the best, since it would have 2 changes to wake the physics. Once during pickup (so you could swing it around as a vehicle flail), and during drop incase you let it go idle somehow)