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Red Vs Blue Cast Biped Tags

Title: Red Vs Blue Cast Biped Tags
Section: Halo CE Biped Tags
Author: Kommandant.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 28.6M  Date: 01/20/12
Downloads: 2,065
User Rating: pending

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User Rating: pending

File Notes

y now, most of us have seen at least one season of the award-winning series Red vs. Blue (If not, then go do so!). And you have all been wishing that you would be able to add them to your maps or fight with them as AIs. Well, Herr Kommandant has now given you a opportunity to finally do so!
In here I have created nearly the entire cast of Red vs Blue, including those who were very rarely seen. Here is the full list armed with their weapons they would prefer in the series, or what they carry the most (unless otherwise noted, all of them are armed with Halo 3 Styled Weapons).

Red Team
Sarge (Shotgun)
Simmons (Rocket Launcher)
Grif (Battle Rifle)
Donut (Battle Rifle)
Lopez the Heavy (Battle Rifle)

Blue Team
Church (Sniper Rifle)
Tucker (Battle Rifle)
Caboose (CMT Assault Rifle)
Sister (Reach Magnum)
Flowers (Default Needler)

Project Freelancer
Agent Texas (Battle Rifle)
Agent Carolina (CMT Assault Rifle)
Agent York I (Battle Rifle)
Agent York II (Shotgun)
Agent North Dakota I (Shotgun)
Agent North Dakota II (Sniper Rifle)
Agent South Dakota (Battle Rifle)
Agent Maine [The Meta] (Unidentified Brute Shot)
Agent Wyoming (Battle Rifle)
Agent Connecticut (Battle Rifle)
Agent Washington (Battle Rifle)
Recovery Agent 6 (Battle Rifle)
Recovery Agent 9 (Battle Rifle)

Doc (Plasma Pistol)
Lopez Robot (see Season 3) [Plasma Rifle]

All of these Characters are using Halo 3 style MJOLNIR Mk VI Armour created by Spartan-094 with the exception of Caboose using Halo 3 Mk V Armour by bourrin33, Recovery 6 & 9 using Recon Armour also by Spartan-094, The Meta with EVA armour again by Spartan-094 and Carolina using Rouge armour by UNGGOY-R11904.

It should also be noted that this is a beta build as some AI don't have the correct armour configuration (CT, Carolina, Maine, and Recovery 6 & 9) yet and also I'm trying to get them all their own dialogue voices so they say some of their classic lines either as a taunt, killing or seeing an enemy AI but isn't going well so far.

Know Bugs
I did try to give Tucker his Energy Sword. It did work in a test with 4 other AI, but trying to make use it in combat crashed Sapien, and I don't know how to counter it yet.

To install, extract the files to your tags folder. They will sort themselves out.