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Title: Theflood!v2
Section: Multiplayer Maps w/ AI
Author: Game_user10
Description: A Chillout Variant with AI bots

File Name: theflood!
Media Type: Zip
Size: 54.5M  Date: 11/25/11
Map Size: Small
Downloads: 24,436
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

The Flood!v2 changes:
There is a way to nuke an area of the map, but it has something to do with the window in red base
You can now shoot infection forms off of marines
Seargant Stacker now fights alongside the humans, and sometimes uses a battle rifle
The Covenant somehow got some spartan robots on their side
Some dead bodies have been added and are scripted to respawn
Many decals have been added
A battle rifle has been added to the map
A bubble shield has been added to the map
A Halo 3 Assault Rifle has been added to the map
The Flood room is now booby-trapped
Flood Carriers have been removed from the main room
Flood Carrier explosions don't damage other flood anymore
Needler projectiles go FOUR TIMES faster
Demons have been replaced with Flood combat forms
Weapons on the map now have 0 active camo ding (meaning you won't be that much visible if you shoot while you have the active camo powerup)
The number of AI on the map has been decreased, making it a little less chaotic
A fuel rod gun now spawns in the Covenant base
Some spartans will spawn with pistols (and yes, they SHOULD know how to use it properly)
The Golden Gun now penetrates through multiple enemies (or allies) so you can kill many with only one shot
AI Spartan appearance has been changed to reflect the team color
A cutscene has been added (but it might glitch when you die while it is playing)

Bonus Content for Devmode Users:
Crouch + (left/right) will let you evade when you possess a marine
Crouch + (back) will let you dive when you possess a marine
Crouch + (left/right) will let you dive when you posses an elite
A script will allow you (whoever you bump-possessed) to melee! (Turn on the flashlight to do so)

The Flood

This map has the following features:
Grenade-throwing AI (really accurate too so beware of getting stuck)
Marines with cyborg shields
Spartans use marine dialogue
Halo 2 Music - Blow me away
Plasma grenades detonate about twice as fast
Your shield recharges twice as fast
Usable energy sword (Remember, this DOES NOT guarantee one hit kills)
Marines can use rocket launchers
Elites can use pistols, assault rifles, rocket launchers and fuel rod guns
Chance of Flood faking their deaths is increased
Infection forms will only attach to AI temporarily
You can become "The Man with the Golden Gun" (use the pistol with one bullet that has one shot-kills)
Certain AI drop equipment (See Drop Table)
Locked doors can be opened by meleeing

To stop the music, type this in the console: sound_looping_stop sound\halo2\music\ben\ben

Drop Table Grenade Type
Marines - Med kits (only the major variant) Frag
Spartans - Med kits Frag
Minor Elites - None Plasma
Major Elites - Med kits Plasma
Spec Ops Elites - Active Camoflauge Plasma
Elite Commander AKA Zealot - Overshield Plasma
Arbiter - None Plasma
Flood - None None


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