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Sentinel 1.0 Beta 10 (RC2)

Title: Sentinel 1.0 Beta 10 (RC2)
Section: Halo Utilities
Description: Sentinel's main purpose is prevent users from connecting to a Halo server when his mapfiles don't match the server's version.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 1.0M  Date: 11/14/04
Downloads: 1,501
User Rating: 5.7

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User Rating: 5.7

File Notes

Sentinel 1.0 Beta 10 (RC2)


Sentinel's main purpose is prevent users from connecting to a Halo server when his mapfiles don't match the server's version. Currently, HaloPC only checks the mapfile header to verify that the map is the same as the server's mapfile. Because of this clients are able to connect to a server with a modded/hacked version of a map. This creates all sorts of problems, especially when users use the glasswalls hack.

The secondary purpose of Sentinel is to provide users with a set of servers which have modded maps in their rotation. Sentinel functions as a server browser for servers that are registered with the central database.

The third purpose of Sentinel is to provide users with an easier way of getting the modded maps needed to play on a server. From inside the client, the user will be able to visit the server-provided link to download the modded version of the map (or PPFs). Sentinel also functions as a server browser/query tool for those servers which have been registered in our database.

The fourth purpose of Sentinel is to allow server admins to more easily manage Halo servers.

By downloading this program you agree to:

1) Report any/all bugs that you find during the use of this program. This program is partially designed as an anti-cheat for Halo. Any bugs found could become possible exploits. It is imperitive that you report them. You can report these bugs in the forums or directly via IRC.

2) You will read this document completely before using Sentinel.

Sentinel Home:

Beta Forum:

Beta Discussion Channel: #sentinel-beta


Beta 10 (RC2)
-added code to automatically maximize Sentinel upon execution
-added support for keyboard browsing of the server list
-added support for column-based server list sorting
-added support for retrieving the HaloPC/CE master serverlists from Gamespy (thanks to Luigi Auriemma [])
-added feature to allow temporary removal of servers from the server list
-added feature to saved these 'custom' servers to file and restore them upon restart
-added feature to allow users to add Non-Sentinel servers to their list
-added mIRC Join/Quit/While Playing functionality
-added maximize functionality for the main dialog
-added code to have Sentinel scan for new/changed maps before joining a server
-fixed bug where a user could attempt to ping the entire server list multiple times at once
-fixed bug where a Buddy's 'Last Seen' time would be incorrect if he/she has never been seen
-fixed bug where when double-clicking a player in the 'Player Search' window, the row would not automatically become visible
-fixed bug where Sentinel would not automatically close if it was out of date, or if it could not check for update
-fixed bug where closing the main dialog with the 'X' does not terminate execution
-fixed bug where a team name was displayed when it wasn't a team game
-fixed added builtin length restrictions for DDX of Server Configuation Tab
-fixed bug where clicking on an empty item in the server listview would cause Halo to launch
-fixed bug where server details and map rotation of the last selected server would stay visible after deselecting all servers
-fixed bug where last response time was not being updated upon successful queries
-fixed incorrect Help link in the About dialog
-fixed Server Configuration Tab's tab order
-fixed a bug where Sentinel would only save either HaloPC Server Configuration OR HaloCE Server Configuration, not both
-fixed a bug where Sentinel servers were not sorted by last response time
-removed server password requirement on HaloCE servers
-removed Enforce Bitmap field from HCE Server Config tab

Beta 9 (RC1)
-fixed HaloCE bitmap enforcement bug (users are no longer able to enforce bitmap scans on CE maps)
-added player details window
-fixed crash bug in CQueryManager::ProcessServerPlayers()
-added inactivity database disconnect
-added column width to buddy list control
-Added player list to server info display
-fixed resource bug that was causing buddy dialog to appear when user closes the buddy list
-Added buddylist feature
-fixed problem where downloadmanager wouldn't restore working directory after download
-fixed minor map rotation removal bug.
-removed HaloPC Dedicated & HaloPC Client radio button toggle
-fixed column width not being updated in Server Config Tab
-fixed CHyperLink bug that was creating resources multiple times, causing a crash
-modified reporting of validation problems for ease of use.
-fixed missing field validation that nick suggested for registering a server
-added a status message saying "Ready" after server scans complete
-added remaining private IP detection (172.16.*.* - 172.31.*.*) to regular expression string
-added message handling to clear all list controls during a checksum scan (remove fubar list display problem)
-fixed crash bug in threadpool where message was sent to wrong window
-fixed bug on server config tab where checksum scan wouldn't be re-enabled after scan completed
-added hotlink url next to server IP for ""
-added support for 'ftp://' on the mod/map download url
-fixed Map Rotation bug where the item would not stay selected after moving it up/down in the rotation
-fixed DownloadManager spawning two "Save As..." dialog boxes
-fixed log window text selection bug
-added code to set initial browse path for managed downloads to be in respective map directories
-fixed bug where incomplete download was not deleted and resources weren't freed
-after cancelling a download, fixed bug where you couldn't download any subsequent files
-Added optional automatic decompression of files if user has winrar installed
-Removed separation between HPC client and dedicated; only one at a time will be supported
-fixed Mapscan bug for HCE
-fixed HaloCE join problem, join works now
-completed Ban control settings dialog
-fixed HCE map validation bug preventing proper map verification
-fixed some crash bugs occurring because we didn't check server index before accessing memory
-fixed cmd line options buffer clipping problem
-Added gui validation of password length, max player and max reserved slots
-Fixed client options not getting updated if the user doesn't have an account
-Revamped the HPC/HCE Server Tabs. Map rotation manipulation should be alot better. You can add duplicate maps (with the same gametype or different),
you can move maps up/down in the rotation and you can remove maps from the rotation. ITS ALOT BETTER, YOU'LL SEE!
-Added a logging tab for logging error/status messages
-Fixed bug where after registering a previously unregistered mod/map, you would have to Refresh the server list before you could edit its details
-Sentinel now retrieves/orders the mod_list by registration order
-Added 'localhost' to private IP filtering
-Fixed user registration URL
-Fixed architecture bug where HCE server maps weren't being validated correctly
-Fixed 100% CPU usage bug
-Fixed cosmetic bug on HCE server config tab where it mentioned HaloPC
-Added column width settings to user profile
-Fixed bug where selected server on server tab would be deselected following database refresh
-Added a "Quick Scan" feature on installed maps tab instead of performing full map check

Beta 8
-Added HaloCE Support
-Added new Tab(s) for Server Configuration
-Moved Server Options controls to HCE/HPC Server Config tabs
-Server Options tab removed
-MySql queries for Mod list optimized
-Replaced the 'annoying' "required fields" MessageBoxes from Server Options tab with status bar messages
-Added fields validation. Will keep Sentinel from launching and/or registering your server if you haven't entered your account options, if you don't have any maps in the map rotation, or if any of the fields on the Server Options tab are invalid (this includes PRIVATE IPS).
-Added automatic update checking and downloading (no automatic install yet)
-Added a download manager for known file types (zip|rar|ace|tar|tgz|gzip|ppf|map|bz|bzip|exe); other files will be passed along to Windows to handle
-Added Auto-Join [when server is full] functionality
-When switching a server type, maps are automatically checksummed again
-Fixed another minor memory leak
-When switching between HPC Dedicated and non-dedicated server types, your maps will be automatically rescanned.
-Fixed an issue that would cause dedicated server maps to be scanned as if they were the client's mapfiles.

Beta 7
-fixed bug that would cause Sentinel to crash if you chose not to join the server if it didn't respond.
-updated URLs to reflect the new site

Beta 6
-added server details window
-added private IP filtering (192.168.*.* and 10.*.*.* and
-added server password requirements
-added internet connection check
-fixed bug where init.txt was going into HaloPC directory, even if server type was 'Dedicated'
-fixed "Register Server" tab's scrollbar bug
-removed/moved new fields that were added in beta 5
-gametype field added

Beta 5
-added a rudimentary Help file
-added a text field that allows users to specify additional command line options
-added new fields to the Servers list (Passworded [PW], mapname, gametype, game version)
-fixed bug where choosing not to overwrite your init.txt would keep the server from launching.
-fixed bug in QueryQueue::GetNextItem (bug caused the same servers to be queried more than once per execution)
-fixed bug that would uncheck your user options if browsing for Halo paths
-fixed Map Cycle Timeout bug
-fixed a bug where the slayer gametype was not being added to the init.txt
-fixed dedicated server launching bug
-fixed bug where the user would have to restart Sentinel after registering a mod in order for it to be added to the server's map rotation
-better column widths
-put CRC32 scanning in a seperate thread
-added a Server Type choice, to fix the compatibility issues for people with both the HaloPC Client and the Dedicated Server

Beta 4
-added seven day wait time before trimming servers that haven't responded
-bitmap enforcing can now be disabled
-fixed bug that kept users from specifying the name of their server (ServerOptions Tab), when registering a non-dedicated server
-fixed typo in AboutBox title, and added hyperlinks
-fixed back-end server deletion problem
-fixed Quit button/listview overlap
-fixed mapfile CRC-32 bug
-fixed bug where the 'In rotation' checkbox and the 'gametype' and 'Enforce Bitmap' fields on the 'Register Server' tab would not retain their settings after restarting Sentinel
-now allows user to browse for HaloPC dedicated server path
-recoded/optimized maplist registration
-updated integrity checking

Beta 3
-added pre-join mapfile integrity checks
-added 'Refresh Serverlist' & 'Ping Servers' commands
-removed status messageboxes; output redirected to status bar
-minor memory optimization
-fixed minor memory leak
-fixed server password bug
-fixed 'Could not clear maplist bug'
-fixed bug where registering multiple servers in a row would cause following updates to update the wrong server.
-lots of little things :P

Beta 2
-fixed bitmap checksum bug

Beta 1: Initial Build
-Initial Build

-MYSQL C library memory leaks
-Certain changes to the mapfile can cause the bitmaps crc check to fail (this should be obvious to any modder with intelligence)
-Reserved slots WILL NOT (probably won't) function properly in this beta.
-In order to run both HPC Client and HPC Dedicated servers, you will have to have TWO INSTALLATIONS of Sentinel. One for the Dedicated server (specify
the dedicated server path as you would the normal HPC Client path and things should work fine). Then switch back to your client copy of Sentinel
whenever you want actually play/browser HaloPC games using Sentinel. *NOTE* This does NOT APPLY to HaloCE.

Sentinel developed by Grenadiac and KaptainKommie

Thanks to the few of you that tested our first betas and helped development progress faster.

Props go out to the Halomods Dev Team who helped us refine our original idea into what it has become.

Special thx to Nick, Mono, James and Fark for constant support. Without you guys, we woulda missed some major flaws in planning process. Thx to G}{OST and Royalty for being excellent beta testers, and provided us with very detailed bug reports/suggestions.


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