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Launch Bay

Title: Launch Bay
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: EJ Burke
Description: A section of UNSC Cruiser that was sealed off and reconfigured for Spartan training exercises during deep space voyages

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 9.1M  Date: 10/27/04
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 12,666
User Rating: 9.1

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User Rating: 9.1

File Notes

1. Preface

It's been a long road for me with the map. I've been plugging away for 4 months. I've invested hundreds of hours and neglected a million things to come this far. My goal was to make the best custom map that I possibly could and perhaps the best overall CE map. But I'll let you do the judging. I'm too tired.

After all the designs, redesigns, textures, retextures, lighting, and relighting, it's a very difficult thing to let this map go. But I'm sure you'll give it a good home.

2. Backstory

Uhhh.... let's see... A section of UNSC Cruiser that was sealed off and reconfigured for Spartan training exercises during deep space voyages? That sound okay? Fine then. I'll go with that.

3. Weapon Modifications

Due to the scale of the map, I thought it was necessary to imrpove certain weapons, so that the pistol wouldn't be the mandatory choice. I was very conservative and left most weapons alone. Though I will say this: you can either live by the AR, or die by the AR. The bitch is back.

- Assault Rifle (greater accuracy, greater damage per round, lower rate of fire) Effectiveness: 8
- Pistol (lower damage per round) Effectiveness: 7
- Needler (faster needles) Effectiveness: 4
- Fuel Rod Gun (lower rate of fire) Effectiveness: 10
- Warthog Chaingun (greater accuracy) Effectiveness: 7

4. Recommended Gametypes

- Assault
- King of the Hill
- Crazy King
- Race

5. Tale of the Tape

- 21,706 Polygons (BSP)
- 37 Shaders
- 168 Clusters
- 10 Teleporters
- 12 Ladders
- 136 Scenery Objects
- 4 Hills (KOTH)
- 2 Scorpions
- 2 Warthogs
- 2 Rocket Warthogs
- 4 Banshees
- 4 Ghosts
- 2 Shades
- 6 Assault Rifles
- 4 Shotguns
- 6 Sniper Rifles
- 10 Pistols
- 2 Rocket Launchers
- 4 Flamethrowers
- 1 Fuel Rod Gun
- 2 Plasma Pistols
- 4 Plasma Rifles
- 4 Needlers
- 22 Frag Grenades
- 22 Plasma Grenades
- 5 Health Packs
- 2 Invisibility Power-ups
- 1 Overshield

6. Shaders

- blue light (transparent chicago) invisible
- blue (transparent chicago)
- flourescent strong (transparent chicago)
- hidden light (transparent chicago) invisible
- launch border light (environment, flat cube)
- launch box panel (environment, bump, bumped cube)
- launch burn panel (environment. bump, bumped cube)
- launch burn steel (environment, flat cube)
- launch ceiling (environment, bump, flat cube)
- launch chainlink (environment, bump/transparency, flat cube)
- launch decal (transparent chicago)
- launch decals new (environment, bump/transparency, flat cube)
- launch detail strips (environment, flat cube)
- launch floor (environment, flat cube)
- launch glass floor (transparent glass, bump, flat cube)
- launch interior (environment, flat cube)
- launch ladder (environment, bump/transparency, flat cube)
- launch large panel (environment, flat cube)
- launch panel long (environment, bump, bumped cube)
- launch panel scuff (environment, flat cube)
- launch plate track (environment, bump/transparency, flat cube)
- launch ramp (environment, bump, flat cube)
- launch steel light (environment, flat cube)
- launch steel (environment, bump, bumped cube)
- launch tactile steel (environment, bump, bumped cube)
- launch tech glow (transparent chicago)
- launch tech rack plate (environment, flat cube map)
- launch tech (environment, bump, bumped cube)
- launch teleporter (transparent chicago extended)
- launch trim (environment, bump, flat cube)
- launch wall panels (environment, bump, flat cube)
- launch wall slats (environment, bump, bumped cube)
- launch wall (environment, bump, glow, bumped cube)
- light strips (environment, bump, glow, bumped cube)
- red blue steel (environment, glow, flat cube)
- red light (transparent chicago) invisible
- red (transparent chicago)

7. Scenery

- Flag Base
- Human Barricade Large
- Barricade Long
- Light Post
- Crate
- Pillar
- Red Light Box
- Blue Light Box
- Light Box
- Terminal
- Teleporter

8. Thanks!

Thank you, Bungie, for making my favorite game of all time. Thank you, Gearbox, for shouldering the Custom Edition yourselves and making this map possible. Thanks to Nick from CEAds for letting me use his server to beta test. Thanks to Grenadiac for lending Nick the server. Thanks to the non-dead weight beta testers. There are a few that come to mind more readily than others, but you all offered invaluable help and I appreciate your enthusiasm. And thank YOU for reading this and giving my map a try.


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