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Title: Siege
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: CrowPath
Description: Two compeletly different bases, 15 new textures, new secondary turret fire, an underground cave and lots of sexy bump-mapping.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 16.1M  Date: 10/27/04
Downloads: 24,984
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

The Bases

Each base is quite different from the other, but equal in strengths and weaknesses. The battlements of the castle may provide cover to hide behind, but doing so can leave you open to attack from the other side. Tracking a moving opponent is also not as easy as it may seem, since you have to constantly move around the battlements to maintain a clear shot, though while doing so you're provided with good cover. But it's easy to leap to safety from up there, even into the moat, but be careful it is quite high.

Firing from the viewport of the fort is easier and simply ducking down provides good cover, but beware of grenades; a well aimed throw will have people scrambling to get out and the hallway behind the viewport is barely big enough for two people. Crowding is a risk. It's quite easy to defend the ladders too, but once the enemy gets up them and blocks off your escape, you're trapped.

The area in front of the castle is deceptively flat and anyone attempting to launch a frontal assualt without backup is either extremely brave or stupid. It's the sides you need to watch out for. When you play, you'll find there are other entrances to the castle and guarding these constantly is not really a job for just one man. The trade-off is that all the entrances are pretty small. The opposite is true of the fort; there are big gaping holes in the side where the garages are, although blocking these with the vehicles is quite easy. Getting into the fort unnoticed is a lot harder than doing the same to the castle, but there is a lot more cover here to compensate.

The Cave

One of the first things you'll notice and question is the fact that although one entrance to the cave is situated at the edge of the lake, the other is right in the fort. This isn't as ridiculous as it seems. Sneaking into the fort via the cave requires running up a long narrow tunnel and if the enemy knows you're there, you'd better have backup or a distraction ready, because you'll either risk being grenaded or have to retreat. Which is the other problem: there's only one other exit. Anyone thinking this will be an easy escape route after you've nabbed the flag had better think harder. Once it's known you're in there, it's easy for the enemy to block off the other exit. Having said all this, controlling the cave can be a major advantage for a team and will be the site for many an awesome battle.


Each base has two turrets on the corners for extra base defense. The turrets now fire four bolts of their normal fire and is equipped with secondary fire. Using the secondary fire has to be done tactically though, it takes three seconds for the turret to reload and dispense the heat. Primary fire is also disabled during this time, leaving you vulnerable. Used intelligently this weapon can be a very useful tool. If you don't like it, you can easily remove the turrets in the gametypes menu.

Sniping & Pistols

This is a good map for sniping, but not one in which snipers can dominate. I was wrong when I said this map was about 30% bigger than Blood Gulch; it's actually 50%. This means that sniping over the great distances will require greater skill at leading. Also, the ground may not look that bumpy in the pictures, but when you play you'll encounter a great number of hills and ridges to take cover behind. Scenery has been carefully placed to ensure that sniping the bases (and hence the majority of spawn points) from the highest points of the map is difficult. Not impossible, but there is a lot of obstruction of view. The best sniping spots are easily accessible to vehicles too, so this will encourage snipers to move around a lot lest they be taken out.

Pistols are very powerful, but they're part of the game and I like them. I only have a problem when they're the only weapon that seems to get chosen for a map. That's why you'll only find two placed on the entire map and why you don't start with them. If you don't like it, then you can quite easily change your starting weapons in the gametypes menu and have fun your own way.

King Of The Hill & Race

I put a bit of thought into these gametypes, so please play them, they're fun! The layout of the Race flags encourages the use of multiple routes to get to the next point, not to mention some brave cliff jumping action if you're up for it. Also, looking ahead and deciding to go on foot for a bit to avoid some of the chaos is definitely an option worth considering. I'm just as enthusiastic about the choice of Hill sites for Crazy King. They're all over the place, in very tactical positions and a few will require you to get out of a vehicle in order to access them.

16 Skull Oddball

Yeah, you're insane, but it's there if you want it.

New & Old Stuff

Ghost stun effect is back, so is the old Assault Rifle texture and the Flag specular effect. New is the fact that the Shotgun now has force. It's not amazingly powerful, but it may be enough to nudge an oncoming vehicle out of your path if you aim it correctly.

There are a couple of other very cool things that you can do that I haven't shown you yet. Have fun finding them.


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