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Infinity Futur Weapon Mod

Title: Infinity Futur Weapon Mod
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Master FL
Description: A Infinity Variant

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 11.1M  Date: 06/24/10
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 1,664
User Rating: 8.2

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User Rating: 8.2

File Notes

Doing some awsome moddings with cool new features!

Anyway here's the important stuffs:

You got a lot of awsome mods in this map. I couldn't test it online, so I can't tell if it will work with multiple players, especially for the double-time powerup.

Now here's the equipements, weapons and vehiculs the map has:

-The pistol is a portable missile launcher, which is a extremly reduced missile launcher that's the size of a magnum. It can carry 5 homming missiles by clips and needs 2 to 3 missiles to kill an enemy.

-The Sniper M67 has a model combination of the Battle Rifle and the Sniper Rifle. The annimation is still the battle rifle, but it's fully automatic! Also, if you're asking, I've picked the model on the HCE site but I've added the sniper scope and the sniper cannon.

-The Missile Gauge Launcher fires multiple missiles in a single shot. Each shells contain 10 resized missiles, which makes it powerfull on all kind of enemies. It only has 3 shells per magazine and it's unpossible to throw a grenade with it.

-The Fireswarm is a double barrel shotgun that fires flames that travels extremly fast and sticks to any platform. Really powerfull.

-The Rino Launcher fires rockets called "Rino". They're extremly fast and makes huge explosions. The tubes are way more longer than the normal rocket launcher so you can fire more accuratly. Also, it has a cool skin!

-The N-bomb has an EMP feature which deplete the energy shield of every enemies in the blast radius. Plus, it stun, blind and explode on impact.

-The Overshield has been switched with a double-time powerup. This powerup will slow down everything around you except you. Throwing grenades will keep their normal speed, so they'll be slowed down too. If you're asking, I've simply changed the effect of the overshield and the sound so it's the same thing than a double speed powerup.

-The Warthog is an Auto Missile Warthog, the chain gun fires those missiles from the portable missile launcher but in an increased fire rate.

-There's a second warthog called EMP warthog. This hog fires EMP shells that makes a large explosion and propulse anyone and anything in the blast radius as well as discharging the shield.

-The plasma pistol is now a teaser. The teaser has two types of ammunition: A charge that will make the gun impossible to fire when depleted and teaser shots that has to be reloaded each shots and contain a max of 30 shots. The second mode fires heat-seaking fuel rods.

-The Plasma Rifle is now a X-Lazer: The first mode fires a huge wall of projectiles. Each one of them instantly kill any living forms. The second mode keep more energy: it fires fast moving beams which also instanly kill.

-The Needler Cannon may got the same ammo capacity than the original needler, it fires 2 needles, combine with each other and instanly skip to the explosion state.

-The Anti-Material Sniper Rifle is similar to the beam rifle, but fires an extremly powerfull shot that penetrate and instanly kills any living form. Plus, once it hits a hard surface, it'll explode and kill everyone in the explosion blast.

-The Automatic Fuel Rod Sniper is extremly powerfull: each shots are more damaging, travels much faster, uses less energy and the weapon fires extremly fast. What's better than that?!

-The Auto-bouncing Rubber Grenade are actually plasma grenades that bounces around and explode once they hit a human beeing or a vehicul. They got a limit, but it's just enough so you can reach your opponent!

-The Active Camo has been changed into a "Full Spectrum Vision". Don't even ask me what the heck this does, I only know than I've added a nice feature: it will randomly chose one of your current weapon and completly refill the ammunition for it.

-The Ghost is a Life Taker: it's more slow, but fires extremly powerfull antimaterial beams. You also got a additional screen that makes you see the ghost guns.

-The Rino Bouncer is a jet that fires two RINOs. It needs to reload tough after each shots. The second mode has 3 container loaded with auto-bouncing plasma grenades. It'll takes 12 seconds to refill the containers once all of them has been used.

-The Fuel Rod Gun Turret fires 3 heat seaking fuel rods in an acceptable fire rate. Also, whoever climb in this gun turret will be unvisible and partially invincible. Only weapons that instanly kills life beeing can stop the gunner.

And that's all, hope you'll enjoy this bunch of crazy stuffs!!!


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