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Hugeass Dogfight

Title: Hugeass Dogfight
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Mysterion
Description: This map is a Hugeass varient with AI Bots - Marines (Red) vs. Marines (Blue).

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 44.7M  Date: 12/01/09
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 19,651
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

This map is a Hugeass varient with AI Bots - Marines (Red) vs. Marines (Blue).

Its time for wargames training on the UNSC Hugeass Virtual Reality Battle Simulator with Armored Marines dressed out as either red team or blue team members. A couple of Spartan pilots have volunteered to fly jets as air support on each of the marine teams, and don't want anyone cruising through their airspace. Spartan snipers for each team won't let up until you are dead, nor will the pilots. Spartans will drive the hogs around the map on search and destroy missions, and also fire the turrets at the entrance of each hanger base. As the marines are killed, they will respawn to rejoin the fight in an attempt to capture and hold the enemy's flag base. After their training is over, marines can return to their barracks to shake off the days events, and thank God that they will live another day...well at least until the real battle against the Covenant.

One marine who recently graduated from the training course was quoted as saying, "The battlefield programming seemed so freak'n real, that the first time a tactical nuke was detonated about a click away from me, I had to clean out my shorts when I returned to the locker room, and I wasn't the only one doing so. I actually thought my face was melting, but seconds later there I was back at the flag made for quite an uncomfortable afternoon running around on the battlefield!"

Many modifications have been made to the original map for scenery, weapons and vehicles. The original scripts from hugeass were kept intact, but some of the original vehicles such as the Tachioma and Kagotank are no longer included in the map. The Night BSP has been removed, since it will freeze all AI when activated. The CJet's gatling gun has been toned down a bit so that the ground forces are much more difficult to kill unless they are hit by a missle.

AI Actor Variants:
Red Marine Armored Assualt Rifle Majors
Blue Marine Armored Assualt Rifle Majors
Red Big Sniper Rifle Ncyborgs
Blue Big Sniper Rifle Ncyborgs

Jet Packs
Human Turrets

Frag and Plasma Grenades
Assault Rifles
Supersniper Rifles
Rocket Launchers
C4 Charges
Portable Supernukes

This mod is designed primarily for solo play, where you can play on either team. There are just too many AI running, driving and flying around for it to work very well as a multiplayer game, though it has been tested and works on LAN, with some video setting adjustments.

This is a very intense AI battle, with multiple AI driven vehicles in operation at one time, so it takes a lot of processing power. Unless you have a fairly high-end PC, When playing on LAN (maybe internet), there will be quite a bit of Lag on the client PC. Depending on your specs, if you tone down the graphics to a minimum with 640x480, select no shadows, no spectral, low particles, textures, etc. it will improve performance. The map mod works very well on Dual-Core desktops and laptops with Dedicated 256 MB and greater graphics cards.

ALWAYS REMEMBER, No AI Characters Will Sync in HALO CE Multiplayer.


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