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Salisp (Single Player)

Title: Salisp (Single Player)
Section: Custom Single Player Maps
Author: DSalimander
Description: A simple, complete singleplayer level.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 44.5M  Date: 07/03/09
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 7,207
User Rating: 7.2

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User Rating: 7.2

File Notes

Here is a quick list of notable aspects:

-This level was created with the ONLY intention of trying/testing Halo's Single Player abilities. I hope you all do too, it's not as hard as it seems. Additionally, the map is UNPROTECTED. I do hope people rip my map... TO FIND OUT HOW I DID IT. I have even included a copy of the scripts/hud messages that were compiled into the level for examination/modification.

-I did extract Halo 2 assets from Halo 2. All were ported by yours truly. All tags are open for use as long as you give me some freaking credit.

-All interactive objects that were in Halo 2 are now "solid".

-There are a few CMT tags in it that I didn't care enough about to remove, use with proper credit. I hope Masterz doesn't beat me because I did that.
-To play the level you must have console enabled. Bring up the console and type: "map_name salisp" (without quotes).

-When the level is over it will attempt to play the actual Halo Campaign (if you have the maps). Not my fault; handle as you wish.


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