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Title: Coldsnapwar
Section: Multiplayer Maps w/ AI
Author: Mysterion
Description: A Coldsnap variant with AI Bots

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 28.8M  Date: 02/06/09
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 38,946
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

This map is a Coldsnap varient with AI Bots - Covenant (Blue) vs. Spartans (Red).

Covenant forces are attempting to control all of Coldsnap, and have already succeeded in capturing the Blue base, its Flag, and Pelican/Ghost bases. The Cov forces have failed miserably in dropping their troops on the Red side of Coldsnap without taking major losses, so insertion some distance away on their side of the bridge is now being attempted. This will involve a tough, tedious crossing on foot by squads of Elite Majors, Elite Stealths and White Gruntos, and also in three Ghosts. Spartans had attempted installing a series of barracades on their side of the bridge, however, they were blasted by a Seraph patrol along with Spartans who had placed them before they could be extracted.

An alert sounded at the Red base after a Covenant Cruiser was detected entering the airspace, but the base sensors were disrupted soon after by an approaching blizzard and poor visibility. The Spartans quickly scrambled three Pelican teams, but they were forced to land some distance away from the bridge because of ever worsening conditions. The teams must now carefully approach the bridge on foot and in three Warthogs. Luckily for the Spartans, the Cruiser's sensors were also badly affected by the extreme weather conditions, and they can't see the teams approaching. Spartan primary objective is to stop the Cov from crossing the bridge, and if this fails, the secondary objective is to hold them at the bridge until your help arrives. The rest of Coldsnap cannot fall to the Covenant due to its great strategic importance to the UNSC. The Spartans still maintain control of the Red base, the Red Flag, and Pelican/Ghost bases.

There has been some disturbing evidence recently uncovered by ONI Agents revealing that some of the Spartan's very own have become traitorous, and are aiding the Covenant invasion force.

Several modifications have been made to the map, including mods to scenery, vehicles, devices, etc. Tags for Mechs and Missle Warthogs have been removed to make room for AI. New portals have been added to allow entry and exit from each base, but are guarded by AI. Each Team's Flag base is also guarded by AI. If picking up Spartans on the battlefield, to get them to exit a Pelican, use the devmode console command "ai_exit_vehicle spartan1". If you use a Pelican to pick up spartans that are guarding the team base portal, guarding their flag or guarding the Pelican/Ghost base, you should use "ai_exit_vehicle spartan2", "spartan3" or "spartan4". These spartans will charge and attack the covenant when transported to the battlefield. The same goes for the covenant, but substitute "covenant4", covenant5" or "covenant6" to get them to exit a pelican. Both spartans and elite will fire the rear Pelican gun, and some of the AI will drive Ghosts and Warthogs into the battle from the guarded Pelican/Ghost bases.

AI Actor Variants:
White Grunto Flamethrowers
Elite Major Plasma Rifles
Stealth Elite Major Plasma Rifle
Spartan Assault Rifles

This is primarily fun for solo play, but other players can join the battle and change to blue team for a joint effort to help the covenant battle the spartans, or vice versa. The "Time-of-Day has been disabled so that AI will not turn to statues when the BSP has changed. If your PC specs aren't too good, then it might clip and lag somewhat, but it may help if you tweak the graphics down a bit. The map works on a 10 year old Gateway Pentium 4 with an 128 MB Nvidia graphics if some graphic features are sacrificed. It works very well on our Dell 530s desktop with Intel Dual-Core and 256 MB ATI Radeon, as well as a Sony Vaio laptop with Dual-Core and dedicated 256 MB Nvidea.


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