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No way out

Title: No way out
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Mysterion
Description: An Adolphatobia varient with an AI battle taking place

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 51.2M  Date: 11/03/08
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 20,921
User Rating: 8.9

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User Rating: 8.9

File Notes

This map is an Adolphatobia varient with an AI battle taking place between a vastly outnumbered squad of a dozen Armored Marines ambushed by the Covenant, with No Way Out...sort of a "Blackhawk Down" situation for these poor fellas with their wrecked and burning Pelicans. The Marines are flanked by a squad of Hunter Majors from one direction, Elites Majors with plasma rifles attacking from the front, and Blue Grunts with rockets attacking from the rear and firing from the hills above. There are several Elite Needlers embedded with each squad who will drive Ghosts and Wraiths into battle against the Marines who also climb into their own warthogs. A Covenant Cruiser hovers high above the bloody battlefield, having just dropped off all these Covenant warriors. Unfortunately as the Cov are killed, reserves are teleported down to continue their onslaught.

Red and Blue Bases are identical in layout, Marines are set as red team allies, and Covenant are set as blue team allies. You can start the game as red and race to rescue the marines with a Pelican, chaingun or rocket Warthog, or in a nuclear armed Longsword, or just provide aircover with jets. Be sure to quickly run into your team's base to load up with weapons before embarking on your dangerous mission. You might even consider using devmode "cheat_bottomless_clip 1" and "cheat_deathless_player 1", otherwise you will be killed quickly, especially by more that a dozen Grunts firing all those can be quite intense! Land a Pelican near a squad of marines, and they'll climb in for the rescue. To get marines to exit the Pelican, use the devmode console command "ai_exit_vehicle marine1" for marines from the battlefield or use "ai_exit_vehicle marine2" for the marines from the airbase as described below.

At the other corner of the map is an marine airbase with lighted runway, several buildings, planes, and vehicles including Warthogs, Scorpions, Longsword, coldsnap Jets, Kestrels, Extinction MJets w/pilots, and misc. weapons. Turrets w/gunners are located on the roof of each building. There are continuous strafing and bombing runs being conducted against the airbase by a half dozen Banshees launching from the central mountain ridge. The marines do an fairly good job of defending the base, but really need your help. The two pilots will try to climb in their fighters for a dogfight, but can get overwhelmed, so fly along with them. By the way, do be a little careful firing jet missles errantly around the base, or you might get a "BIG" surprise.

Before the battles began, both the marines and covenant were preparing to conduct above ground nuclear tests involving two different arrangements of (10) neutron antipersonnel mines. Each team's testing range is marked by an obelisc with flashing red lights, located a safe distance away their bases. Drop a C4 charge and get the heck out of Dodge, or just fire a sniper rifle from the roof of your base or a hillside to set'em off. Assuming each mine is around a kiloton in size, the ten kiloton detonation results in one massive fireball! Some Green Grunts are spying on the airbase and the nuke test, and are also hiding out in the central valley of Adolifatobia with a captured pelican, so take em out. For sniping, there are a couple of rifles on the central high mountain ridge facing the battlefield, as well as on the ridge facing the airbase.

FAIR WARNING - This map is designed for newer, higher spec computers, and due to the large number of AI and AI driven vehicles, nukes tags, etc. may not work at all on fairly low spec machines such as Pentium 4s, Centrinos, laptops w/poor graphics. I Don't believe there is another uploaded map with this many AI battling all at one time, so it can be quite fun. With a dual-core processor, 256 Mb graphics card, and two Gig of RAM, I still must adjust video settings for 800x600 (max) to get everything to work smoothly, as well as needing to tweak some other video settings such as textures, shadows, decals and particles for better results. Having more RAM and an exceptional graphics card should definitely result in better performance. I will consider creating a lower spec version in the near future.

This is primarily designed as a multiplayer map for solo play, however, you may try to play LAN or Internet with other players joining the battle as red team for a joint effort to help Marines battle the Covenant or as blue team to help the Cov attack them. Always remember, No AI characters will sync in HALO CE multiplayer.

Map should play as CTF, slayer, and team slayer. In CTF, to get all the vehicles, equipment and weapons designed for the map, be sure you set weapon set for 'NORMAL', starting equipment for 'CUSTOM', vehicle set to 'DEFAULT'. I typically set 'YES' for flag at home to score, and 'YES' for force flag reset, with time limit set to 'NONE'.


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