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Title: H3T-Coagulation
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Halo 3 Team

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 44.8M  Date: 11/25/07
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 7,636
User Rating: 8.8

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User Rating: 8.8

File Notes

This map is best with 4v4 on 1 flag ctf
Supports all gametypes except for Race.

Known bugs:
Mauler sounds doesn't sync
Less Halo 2 sniper moar Halo 3 sniper
Plasma pistol charging goes off hand sometimes
There might be an exception randomly I believe I removed it
Sniper rounds bounce more then once (Sucks to be in bubble)
Missile pod needs a skin
Ma5K needs a skin
Spiker needs a skin now
Make trip mine explode
Clinets may see 2 bubbles when deployed
Trip mine drops 2 instead of 1
Someone needs to fix gravity lift script *coughKillacough*
Plasma pistol charging sometimes goes out of the visor outline
Outline isn't transparent enough
Spartan laser charging laser removed due to switch of model so will add next test
Visor tooken out due to distration, will be added in when fixed
When overshielded, doesnt show pink or any diff color in shield bar
Weapons may asking you to reload even though your full
HUD needs a overhaul
Shotgun has only firing sounds
Shotgun needs new skin, model and animations
Some weapons dont have sounds like Plasma rifle
Pickup icons are lies!


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