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Title: Zombiegulch
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Kirby_422
Description: A Blood Gulch varient

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 8.8M  Date: 08/20/07
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 5,354
User Rating: 7.0

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User Rating: 7.0

File Notes

First of all.. this is to get you to see the future of SP "abilitys" to give to the players. this is a testing map only, and is not intended for gameplay (its almost identical to bloodgulch except the AI in you, the bipeds scatterd around, the banshee's defaultly spawn, new health HUD, and my shiney AR. if you dont wana mess around with being a AI yourself, this is not for you and would be a waste of hosters transfer capacity)

When you start the server, you get a 5 second count down.. after that count down, you have a AI living inside of you, and if you use flycam, or some of the dev comands ive set up, he will take control. there are many isues with him though.. he isnt any where near the intelect of a normal AI.. ive put the best of the best intelect in, and he cant even hit enemys with the plasma pistol when hes standing next to them half hte time.. although he is great with the sniper rifle.. wtf? lol. I have found some depressing resaults though. instead of bringing the AI into sync since they are in the players... it brings the players out of sync since they are part AI.. my AI CTF game failed yesterday lol.

This has many isues currently, but it will eventualy be able to be made into a special feature for SP. Berserk Mode. it could be used to enter a mode where you are this 1337 AI that oblitherates all the enemys.. wouldnt that rock? this AI before he was fused could get perfect headshots 100% of the time over the distance of BG.. now he can barly hit things with normal guns lol, if I can restore him to his past glory of when he was single, he will rule.

There are some comands to change how he acts within you
open devmode, and type:

wake walk
He will travel all over BG instead of fighting when hes in control (its quite nice watching him drive a banshee, hes a great flyer amazingly lol)

wake ailock
Locks him into control, you lose control of your body, and he is in control then.

wake flycam
preaty much enables flycam (I havnt bothered trying this feature since I have limited time on the computer since my bro is addicted to W.o.W.)

DONT PLAY THIS MAP WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE. This map is to show off the AI player Hybred and open your eyes to SP posibilitys, and isnt realy ment to be a MP thing anymore (my origenal idea crashed.. I wanted to make a secret area that said dont go in, and if you did, your model was changed to a flood, and you where a AI that synced since you where a player.. but I cant do that without stunning everyone, and he wouldnt sync..)


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