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Title: Lockdown
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: Mr. Grunstworthy

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 7.4M  Date: 05/22/07
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 1,259
User Rating: 6.0

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User Rating: 6.0

File Notes


A very large canyon hosts a network of platforms that balance perilously on a single shaft; how the structure remains stable is a wonder of the modern day. The area is huge and open, which makes you vulnerable to snipers. As well, falling off the ledge to your death is a very real danger--especially if you're in a Warthog or Ghost.
Weapons are in no short supply on this map, as I have crammed every weapon tag i have that works onto this map (except for the fuel rod cannon). See below for weapon list.
This map can (if you think it resembles so) Lockout's older brother.

On Onyx, located in a rocky chasm, sits one of the most mind boggling structures; supported by a single shaft. Neither Human, Covenant, or Forerunner, the platform network resides within Zone 67. Following the events of the Spartan-III's encounters with the strange Sentinels, the platform suddenly sank a few hundred meters from its initial position. Curious, both the Covenant and the Humans aren't about to let the other side have it for themselves...

This level is very large, and is obviously meant for team games. Reccomended game variants are Team Slayer and Team King of the Hill with moving hill activated. Best played with 10-16 players.

Notes: This map is my third ever made. I leave it to you to judge it's level of fun.
A couple of problems:
the carbine (for some reason) doesn't have a scope now (it did in ascension, did it not?). As well, there are no race points set up, so more than likely you will get an exception if you try and play it.
Slayer, KotH, and Oddball variants are supported and working properly, though.

And, had the sounds not been totally screwed up, there would have been a working Brute Shot on the map too. Unfortunately the sound literally rapes your ears. So... have fun with what you have!


4 X M6D Magnum
5 X M6C Magnum
6 X MA5B Assault Rifle
5 X MA1D (my Halo-ish name for the Famas rifle thingy)
6 X M7 SMG
4 X BR55 Battle Rifle
1 X M41 SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launcher
1 X S2 AM Sniper Rifle
2 X M90 Shotgun
1 X Flamethrower
6 X Needler
4 X Plasma Rifle
2 X Plasma Pistol
2 X Covenant Carbine


2 X M808B Scorpion MBT
4 X Ghost
2 X M41 LAAG Warthog
2 X Banshee

Mr. Gruntsworthy: Modelling, texturing, population
El Crappio: His French FAMAS was used
TheGhost: Used his turrets, but they don't seem to be
Knave's Halo 2 weapons pack, which included the BR55, the
M6C, and the M7 (the M6C has been modified for this map)
As well, thanks to whoever made the H2-ascension map... I kinda ripped your Carbine... heh heh heh...

And thanks to Sapien not working on my computer... yeah, that's sarcasm... i had to do everything sapien-related on my mom's computer... >_> Anyways peace out and have fun!


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