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H2 Coag modded

Title: H2 Coag modded
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Jake Anderson

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 29.4M  Date: 04/01/07
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 3,632
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

This is my mod for Coagulation.

Basically weapons and things are modded:
S M G: Fires rapid Plasma Rounds.
Battle Rifle: A Needler that fires like a battle rifle but is fully automatic.
Magnum: Fires green projectiles that explode.
Dual S M G's: Look the same but are Dual Brute Shots and are Automatic.
Magnum and S M G: Looks like dual S M G but 1 gun shoots Plasma rounds the other shoots Brute Plasma Rounds. One bug with this is that it looks as if they shoot from the same gun.
Dual Magnums: Dual Shotguns! Oh yes! These are the classic 15 shot ones from halo 1. Still look like dual magnums and 1 bug is that i had to make them shoots Battle rifle rounds as shotgun projectile is changed.
Shotgun: Fires six Feul Rods per shot.
Sniper Rifle: Beam rifle! Fires beams that explode.
Frag Grenades: Beam rifle rounds.
Plasma Rifle: Fires Heretic Plasma Rounds that slash on the wall as blood. Rapid.
Brute Plasma Rifle: Fires accurate and very rapid.
Brute Shot: Unmodded.
Plasma Grenades: Magnum rounds.

*Special Weapons*

Assault Rifle: Fires like a very rapid battle rifle.
Energy Sword: In center of map. Fires Nuke rockets that destroy mostly everything and everyone.
Nuke Turret: This is actually a bug i couldnt fix so i just left it. Rocket hog turret fires Energy Sword nukes.
*Vehicle Mods*
Standard Warthog: Now a driveable destroyed warthog. Diver uses turret.
Rocket Hog: Driver uses turret. Gunner seat is now a passenger seat.
Gauss Hog: Quite fast. Driver uses turret and gunner seat is passenger seat.
Banshee and Ghost: Shoot very rapid.
Banshee: Shoots chaingun.
Ghost: Shoots heretic plasma rounds.


You can walk on walls and jump slightly higher.
All guns have inf ammo / no overheat or battery loss


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