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Title: Yoyomod
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: HogDriver155
Description: a Yoyorast Island varient

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 24.6M  Date: 03/11/07
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 4,859
User Rating: 8.1

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User Rating: 8.1

File Notes

it adds many things including one flying vehicle
Vehicles and weapon discriptions
N64 Arwing
it from starfox (no dip)
it shoot plasma blasts and one plasma cannon blast
Regular warthog
(self explanatory)
LAGG Turret:
a warthog turret ripped of the hog.
RL turret
a rocket warthog turret ripped off the rocket warthog
and i forgot somethnig but youll just have to find out for youself
Weapons And their discriptions:
Gernade Launcher
Type: Med-Heavy Weapon
Shoots a high explosive gernade, good for infantry and vehicle attacks.
Jack Hammer Anti Tank Missle System
Type: Very Heavy Weapon
shoots a heat seeking missle at ground or air targets
there is one of these in the map
it has a new model (bacon) and zoom.
is good against the N64 Arwing plane
MP5 Assault Rifle
Type: Med-Assualt Class
shoots pistol bullets alot faster than the pistol
Hover Tank: has 2 seats one gunner and driver.
is not very manuverable, slow and cant move much on the middle of the island.
The Gun shoots 4x scurpion cannon.
Transport hog
can carry 6 passengers, is quite fast for its size, and the people in the back can shoot from it.
Snowball Assualt rifle:
Type: Special Assault Rifle
shoots snowballs fast as primary,
shoots large anti vehicle snowballs as secondary
Needler Rifle:
Type: Needler
shoots one needle in primary, good for sniping,
and in secondary it shoots all needles at once good for close quarters combat.
(you start with this)
Type: Medium Pistol
shoots pistol bullets really fast (you start with this)
And theres some others i forgot
(i think)


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