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W40k Test

Title: W40k Test
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: Cheezmasta

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 12.4M  Date: 03/02/07
Map Size: Small
Downloads: 1,578
User Rating: 8.5

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User Rating: 8.5

File Notes

this is a sort of trial for a warhammer 40,000 mod.
if it is popular enough, i might go through with making a full mod about the heroic space marines of the imperium of man and their struggle against the horrifying necrons.

this map has six warhammer 40k weapons on it...
-bolt pistol: a short range, fairly accurate imperial pistol with two scope levels.
-bolter: standard space marine rifle. automatic firing mode with fairly large ammunition clip.
-storm bolter: burst fire, more accurate version of the bolter, mounted to the wrist of the user.
-heavy bolter: heavy imperial machine gun. fires about 15 round a second, making the ammunition clip seem small.
-gauss flayer: standard necron weapon is extremely powerful and frightening. it fires deadly green bolts of gauss* energy, but it overheats very quickly.
-warscythe: this arcane necron technology is a symbol of rank and a devastating ranged and melee weapon. hold the fire button to charge up the power for about a second, then a blast of gauss energy erupts fromt the scythe. this can only fire its eergy twelve times, but the blade is the most powerful melee in the mod.
-missile launcher: imperial missile launcher fires only one rocket before reload, but is very accurate and powerful.
*this gauss is not like the gauss in halo 2. it is sickly green energy can strip a target down to its constituent atoms in seconds.
basically, its powerful.

enjoy and leave feedback on either the site or email me at
please don't take any tags from here without me giving you permission.
please note that Warhammer 40,000-Copyright (C) Games Workshop Limited 2007. 40K, Warhammer, and all associated marks, logos, places, names, creatures, races, and race insignia/devices/logos/symbols, vehicles, locations, weapons, units and unit insignia, characters, products, illustrations and images from the Warhammer 40,000 universe are either (R), TM and/or (C), Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2007. Phew.


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