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Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: {AHS}SONIC
Description: A Coldsnap varient

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 27.0M  Date: 02/25/07
Downloads: 8,961
User Rating: 9.1

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User Rating: 9.1

File Notes

Size: large
Game types: All

below is a list of features and objects in this map:

--->You can pickup any vehicle besides longswords, mythos, and other
pelicans only on landing pads, but you can drop them off anywhere

--->All vehicle teles are fully functional

--->Added a couple easter eggs, have fun


Misslehog (CTF): 20
Jet (CTF): 8
Pelican (slayer, CTF, king): 2
Longsword (CTF): 4
Mythos (CTF): 1
Tachikoma (slayer, CTF, king): 8


Pistol (slayer, odbball, king)
Assualt Rifle (Slayer, CTF, oddball, king)
Flamethrower (oddball)
Plasma pistol (race, oddball)
Plasma rifle (oddball)
shotgun (CTF)
Sniper (CTF, slayer)
Rocket launcher (Slayer, oddball)
Sniper Rilfle (oddball)
C4 charge (CTF)
Plasma grenades (oddball)
frag grenades (CTF, oddball)
Game types:

-Capture the flag

Start inside base and pick a vehicle to leave in.

Hogs: drive into the box-like teleporters, or through the mythos exit

Jets: fly straight ahead or go through the longsword\mythos exits.

longsword: fly straight into the exit or hang a left\right and go through
other longsword's exit

mythos: walk straight


Start outside and find a vehicle. tachikomas can go through any of the tunnels and tubes
a hog can go through. Pickup a tachi and bring it to your team mates via the pelican.


Start inside blue base. no vehicles to leave in, just play in blue base.

-King of the hill

Start outside. exactly the same as slayer. if you are not playing crazy king,
then the hill will cover the perimeter of the bridge.

all vehicle teles are fully functional

-New jet model
flies faster, packs bigger punch

-New longsword
Realistic nuke model, anti-noob ammo system

-Green misslehog
blends in with environment

replaces fuel rod ghosts

-Halo 3 master chief
looks freakin sick

-Peilcan-pickup system
pick up hogs, jets, tachikomas, and the mythos on landing pads.
empty vehicle of all passengers, drive under the pelican and press
the flashlight button to pick up, once more to release. You can pickup hogs,
jets, tachikomas, and tow the mythos. (you have to find a way to get it on the
landing pad first :P)
this is free content distribute it as you please but do not attempt to make profit
from it unless you recieve the creators permission, which you wont.

Uber-special thanxs to the following:

The1: is pretty much responsible for all the scripts besides vehicle teles.
He helped revive the peli-pickup system. if you ever need my kidney, its yours.

Halo Guru: testing and info on improving

Kirby 422: scripting and vehicle help

Ender the Genocide: Vehicle issues and scripting

Jayden: vehicle issues

Tiamat: Original Coldsnap and hugeass maps
i would give you half my liver, and then sell the other half to you :D

Jahrain: halo 3 mc biped

Everything else by me (texturing, vehicles, vehicle tele script revival {dang that took a long time} and covie engineer :O)


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