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Halo 2 hud Tags release

Title: Halo 2 hud Tags release
Section: Halo CE Misc. Tags
Author: p0lar_bear (Chris Burdick)

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 1.8M  Date: 02/16/07
Downloads: 3,879
User Rating: 8.5

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User Rating: 8.5

File Notes


This archive contains a set of tags that will change the default Halo Heads-Up Display (HUD) into a replica of Halo 2's SPARTAN-II HUD. These tags will only work with the Halo: Custom Edition game, and are not indended for Halo XBox, Halo PC, or Halo 2 (which would be rather pointless). Please note that this will only affect maps YOU create; the HUD on existing maps will remain unchanged.

This HUD is OPEN SOURCE. I have included my source image files so you may freely modify and learn from them. The .TIF files are files ready to be compiled by Tool into .bitmap tags, and the .PNG files are Macromedia Fireworks files. I have also included a .PSD file that makes making new weapon icons easier.


  • Halo 2 HUD Replica; tagged to not interfere with the stock tagset.
  • Customized HUD item message strings.
  • Flag cloth physics are less elastic; flag doesn't stretch out as far when moving quickly.
  • New font for player list, game rules, and postgame carnage report.
  • Flag makes pickup sound like in Halo 2.
  • HUD counts flamethrower canisters instead of fuel units; to match this, the flamethrower wastes whatever rounds are left in the canister when reloaded. To counteract this, you may now carry 10 fuel canisters instead of 8.
  • Flag and oddball removed from cheat weapon spawn.
  • New scope zoom for the sniper.


This installer will drop a set of tags into your Halo CE tags directory, into the correct folders to make them work. First and foremost, BACK UP YOUR TAGS FOLDER. Then simply extract the contents of the tags directory in the archive to your tags folder, and overwrite anything it asks.


Go into your tags\globals folder, change the name of "globals.globals" to something like "h1 globals.globals," and rename the file "h2 globals.globals" to "globals.globals."

  • When populating a multiplayer map, be sure to use the item_collection tags in the folders suffixed with "-h2 hud."
  • If populating a single player map, be sure to use the weapons prefixed with "h2."
  • In any map, be sure to use the vehicles prefixed with "h2."


To stop using this HUD, simply rename the globals tag containing the H2 HUD info back to "h2 globals.globals," and restore your original globals tag. In your .scenario tag, be sure that all of your item_collection tags, vehicles, and weapons are not the "h2" tags.

To uninstall the HUD in its entirety, go though your tag folders and delete the following tags:

This installer will also overwrite the tags that make the gametype icon, shown next to the shield meter on the default HUD, making them blank. I have provided backups of the original bitmaps; if you want the gametype icon back, delete the following files:

Then locate these files and remove the "bkup-" prefix:


  • LIGHTNING - A super-duper-special thanks to Lightning for getting me started on this project. Also thanks for modding Coagulation's lightmaps to make the Halo 2 HUD easier to trace and imitate.
  • MASTERZ1337 - Thanks for seeing this project through to its initial "release" in CMT's campaign, as well as helping me understand how the various hud_interface tags worked.
  • L33T - Thanks for offering some pointers on hud_interface modification.
  • My testers, who were listed above, as well as:
    • The CMT Team, all past and present members
    • Timo
    • M808B
    • Storm
    • My uncle

Also thanks to anyone that helped me with this; it's been a long time since I started this, and quite a few people had helped me out. I apologize if I forgot to list you. :)


Halo, Halo: Custom Edition, the Halo Editing Kit (HEK), and Halo 2 are all copyrighted trademarks of Bungie Studios, Inc. All bitmap files in this archive were created, but not copyright, by p0lar_bear (Chris Burdick). All rights reserved.

This archive and its contents may be freely distributed, but not sold at any price for profit, personal gain or any other reason, as per the Halo Editing Kit (HEK)'s End User License Agreement (EULA).


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