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Halo Server Configuration 1.7

Title: Halo Server Configuration 1.7
Section: Halo Utilities
Author: {EzR}Ben
Description: This program will simplify the task of creating a server configuration file for your dedicated server.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 138.1K  Date: 02/16/07
Downloads: 6,003
User Rating: 9.1

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User Rating: 9.1

File Notes

What It Does...
This program will simplify the task of creating a server configuration file for your dedicated server.

The maps that are displayed in the folder are from the original halo. If you have downloaded any custom maps you can add them to the text file so that they will be displayed in the list. The new update now allows you to append any maps you have downloaded to your computer, so that you can host custom maps as well without having to type them out yourself.

The text files includes the original maps and game types for the original halo. If you have created your own gametypes you will need to open the gametypes text file and add your gametype name, which you created in halo. Please note this must be the same as the one in halo in order for it to work properly. The next version will hopefully find your custom gametypes.

Random Map Generator...
Not sure what maps to host on your dedicated server? Well here is a cleaver little tool that has been introduced into the latest version of the halo server configuration. By allowing you to select the gametypes the tool will randomly select a map from your map list. If you are happy with the selection you can then import it into the maplist, however if you arenít happy with one or more of the maps that that have been added, you can remove the ones you don't want and then add the maps that you do want. Thanks to [KB] Kaos for the idea, keep them coming!

Advanced Features...
Since the version 1.0.6 some advanced options have come into play on the program, which allows you to toggle between the simple setup commands which is what you see when you start the program, but also some more advanced features like team killing, and banning players.

Web Update...
This new version of the program comes with a built in web update feature. For it to work properly first run the server configuration.exe file, then click on program > check for updates. It will download a small file, which it puts in the application directory, which it then reads from to tell whether it has an update and if so, you have the ability to download the latest version. Cleaver eh? :P

Current Version...

Version History

- The program was created allowing basic input to allow the user to create a standered halo dedicated server.

- A message of the day feature was introduced to the program to allow people to enter a custom message for the server.
- The update map list was added so that the custom maps uhe user had on there machine where added to the maplist.txt file.
- The version number was changed to 1.0.1 on the splash screen and the help > about menu.
- The update utility was added so that the user could check for an update, without having to look for the latest version.

v1.0.2 - BETA
- A rcon password option has been created allowing advanced remote control of a dedicated server.
- The load file feature has been added to the configuration menu so that the init.txt can be edited rather then having to be created all over again.
- Some security measures to prevent the program from working in case of the copyright being changed or the program executable. It has also been done to unsure that if the program was to be updated the updater will be able to function correctly.
- The version number was changed to 1.0.2 on the splash screen and the help > about menu.

- The BETA notes have been put into place and an the file can be downloaded by everyone.
- Some error checking has been improved on the validation of numeric inputs to help avoid the server from crashing from invalied alphabetical letters being typed in.
- The version number on the splash screen now automatically tell the user what version they are running, this is also the same for the information under help > about.
- Added functionality so that the user can choose to save the init.txt file to there desired location, rather then just the halo ce directory.
- The update program has been upgraded to allow future updates to be more streamlined and easier to manage. Some advanced error handling has been setup to help give some better error responces to help diagnose some problems.

- Fixed a issue where if the user wanted to load a sever configuration file from a specified path, and entered it wrong or the file didn't exist it would cause the program to crash with run time error 53.
- Fixed a issue where the MOTD might not save the text that was entered to the default halo ce directory.
- Fixed a issue where if you click on update maps it will include the .map extention on the end.
- Added a feature to MOTD so that when you have entered the message, it will close down the form, rather then having to manually close it.
- Renamed the label 'Recon' to 'Rcon'

- Fixed a issue where upon you load a server configuration file from a specified place and it would come up with a message box to say it was successful, then would show an error saying an error had occured. Please note this was a bug in the code and no error had occured.

- Added an alert to warn you if you attempt to load a file over another file.
- Added shortcut commands to the menu's for easier nagivation.
- Added advanced command into the start menu so that extra commands can be added into the init.txt file. At this point in time if the init.txt file is loaded it will not display some of the commands, a fix is going to hopefully be made in the next version.
- Added in a mode option in the program menu that lets you choose between a simple and advanced setting. If you load the server settings it will automatically input these settings as well. The advanced settings allow you to include extra features such as logging options, contolling team killing etc.
- Fixed an issue where loading from a server configuration file might not display the server name correctly if it had spaces in it.

- Added a feature when you load message of the day so that when you load the form it will load the message of the day that has previously been written, so that if you want to modify it you don't have to write it all out again.
- Added a feature to the server name box where it will deny any spaces entered. This is so that your server name will not revert to halo if it had any spaces in it which was a problem.
- Added in some extra handling to see if anything has been entered in the server password, or server rcon textbox. If nothing is entered, it will not be included in the server configuration file.
- Added a report bug and feedback option in the help menu. By clicking this it will take you to my website where you can then follow the link on the right hand side of the page under chat, to leave feedback.
- Added in the minimze feature to the main program so that you don't have to have it running on the main desktop all the time.


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