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Strategy Gulch beta5

Title: Strategy Gulch beta5
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Dave (a.k.a. Rambo)
Description: A bloodgulch varient

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 29.2M  Date: 02/16/07
Downloads: 1,516
User Rating: 8.5

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User Rating: 8.5

File Notes

Okay guys. This is the newest beta. This will be the last beta before the supposed final beta, so long as nothing serious crops up. Please, I ask that you test the crap out of this map by hosting it on large servers and small servers alike. I want this thing stress tested for lag and other issues. Please report all bugs and issues to my AIM, which is Guardian2433 or consult this Read Me file within the downloaded archive for E-Mail. Please DO NOT abuse it as I have had many SPAMers I fought a good war against and have virtually won.

Soon the final map will be out but its up to y'all if you want it. Lets have some serious gaming here guys, okay?

Here's what's new in the map. Bulldogs are in and so are Wasps. The turrets are the same and the Warthog has a horn on it, not to mention that the gun has been replaced with missels off the Missel Hog. Even more sounds have been added/replaced. For instance, the bomb and C4 (Plastique) have timer sounds on them. I also added more weapons and removed old ones after upgrading. The full list of stuff is below.


-Standard pistol
-Standard assault rifle
-Benelli shotgun
-Panzerfaust rocket launcher
-Brute shot (I know I said Human only but its close enough and I wanted a good grenade launcher)
-Anti-armor sniper rifle
-Battle rifle
-Katana (Like anyone really sports one in a map but I did for fun)
-.357 Magnum revolver (Is it a .357? Oh well I just used a .357 Mag sound on it)


-H2 Warthog (with horn and radio like before)
-LAAG Turret
-Rocket Turret

Turrets are strategically placed and all of them appear in full team modes, else just the essentials appear at bases and maybe strewn about the map i various spots. A hog is near one of the teles so that makes for good getaways. The rest y'all can figure out on your own and I leave it as a surprise. No easter eggs though as of yet. I really can't think of anything to add that won't cause lag so oh well.

Tag Credits:

Forgive me for not mentioning anyone in here but some of these people I don't know and therefore put a question-mark next to. Please contact me for proper credit and I'll gladly oblige.

All sounds were done by me, obviously, except for the usual unmofidied sounds. Feel free to ask for the tags and I'll upload them or provide a link. All else is as follows.

-BSP: TheGhost / Bungie / GearBox Entertainment (Thats right, no TheGhost's BG anymore; it caused too much lag.)


-Bomb: CMT Team
-Anti-Armor Sniper: Tiamat
-C4: Tiamat
-Katana: Banshee Ace 2
-Panzerfaust: Johan Postma / Cold_as_ice
-Brute Shot: ?
-Battle Rifle: Wave of Lag
-Magnum: Jahrain
-Flashbang Grenades: t3h_lag
-Benelli Shotgun: ?


-Turrets: TheGhost
-Bulldog: ?
-H2 Warthog: ?
-Wasp: Mothergoat
-Scorpion: Bungie

Happy Gaming and enjoy!


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