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Purity and Innocence ver2.0

Title: Purity and Innocence ver2.0
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: Mr. Grunstworthy/Randomation's

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 8.5M  Date: 02/16/07
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 313
User Rating: pending

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User Rating: pending

File Notes

Mr. Grunstworthy/Randomation's Second map (second version)!

DIFFERENCES FROM FIRST VERSION: A number of different things were fixed for this version,due to imbalances/lack of in the first version (titled 'purity_and_innocence.') This version is reccomended over the previous because it has been balanced better.

Things that are different include: The Famas you spawn with has increased accuracy and decreased damage. It has roughly the same accuracy as the pistol fired automatic (not single shots). Does 15 damage per bullet (for comparison, the Assault Rifle does 10). It also has it's own firing sound. The magnum (M6C) has been modified to do slightly less damage than it did before, due to it's balancing issues. As well, numerous health packs have been added, as well as two locations for a random spawn of overshield or active camo. The final difference is that there are now two additional human turrets on one corner of the second floor (thanks to someone's helpful tutorial, I finally managed to get them to spawn). They were done by Ghost.

Purity and Innocence

A box canyon plays host to two tall bases that stare blanky back at eachother across a vast expanse. However, do not let the sight fool you as below lies instant death if you fall off; as well as a network of trenches that makes traversing the landscape to the other side very confusing and disrupting Ones who have memorized the complex maze will have an advantage..

While the Master Chief and the rest of Pillar of Autumn's crew were busy contending with the flood, one sole precipice of Forerunner beauty remained untouched by the unholy plague. A view to both behold and fear, many have fallen to their deaths during the construction of these strange Forerunner monuments.

Reccomendation: Plays well with Team games, especially Team Slayer and Capture the Flag. However, due to the intricacies of the trenches, a large time limit should be alotted for objective gametypes. Reccomended 8-16 people.

Notes: This level took me a while to complete. Several problems arose during creation, thus making me have to remake both the level and the bases. Then, I had to fix other problems, which I can't seem to recall what they were now (I'm trying to forget them, lol). I hope that my hard work and testing has given you a fun map to play!

Mr. Gruntsworthy: Modelling, texturing, population
SagioX: Aided me in fixing problems
El Crappio: His French FAMAS was used
TheGhost: Used his turrets, but they don't seem to be
Knave's Halo 2 weapons pack, which included the BR55, the
M6C, and the M7 (the M6C has been modified for this version)

and, lastly, I would like to thank tool for finally cooperating... xD


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