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Fissure Fall

Title: Fissure Fall
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: Crispy
Description: A remote river has worn away the thin shield of stone that once concealed this cave from the outside world. It has revealed an ancient Forerunner facility, still mysteriously powered. And worth fighting over.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 6.4M  Date: 07/16/04
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 10,131
User Rating: 8.6

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User Rating: 8.6

File Notes

From the Author:

evel Name : Fissurefall
Level Author : Crispy
Size : Small (best for 2-8 players)
Release Date : 11 JUNE 2004

Decompress to your HaloCE\maps folder


The major feature of this level is the bottomless pit running down the centre, into which the waterfall drops. The Red and Blue bases are situated at either end of this fissure, and on opposite sides. A series of floors, tunnels and catwalks fill the rest of each side.
There are seven separate routes from one side of the fissure to the other. The main route is across the central bridge. This is the quickest route from base to base, but is also very exposed. There are two routes along the cliff walls at either end. These are the longest routes, but provide better cover. There are also high-level bridges at either end which are very exposed, but provide an elevated entrance to the bases.
The bases have four other entrances. There is a large ramp up to the base from the arena in front of it, a path that runs underneath the base before doubling back up a stairway, a 'leap o faith' from the catwalk above the arena, and a back route via a ledge in the cliff wall to the side of the arena.
Capture the flag is hardest for the defending team, but not impossible. The state of play is so fluid, that carefully planned tactics are usually quick to fall apart - it is best played 'by ear'. Recommended.  
King of the Hill is always fast paced and hotly contested due to the compact nature of the map. It is always easy to get to the hill and fight for it. This removes the aspect of luck that sometimes dominates this gametype, when one team is spawned nowhere near the hill. Recommended.
Slayer is well suited to this level, especially with the radar turned off to make the most of the many opportunities for surprise attacks. Just keep moving!
Oddball is frustrating, as it becomes all too easy to throw yourself into the fissure if it looks like your enemy is about to grab your ball. Not recommended.
Race is not much fun outside of vehicles and is included only for completeness. The circuit makes a logical lap of the level.


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