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Covev Marine beta 3

Title: Covev Marine beta 3
Section: Multiplayer Maps w/ AI
Author: GrantLS (Grant Lewis)
Description: A bloodgulch varient - play as an Elite with marine and Covenant Ai bots

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 40.8M  Date: 09/04/06
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 11,450
User Rating: 8.5

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User Rating: 8.5

File Notes

Hello and thanks for downloading 'Covenant V. Marines BETA 3' by GrantLS

If you need to reach me or are kind enougth to give me some help my E-mail is

This map has been improved alot since Beta 2 (look at features list below) You can now do everything the MC did. You have 4 of my own home made super weapons when you start (all 4 weapons have infinite ammo and also have been vastly improved) these are...

1. Brute plasma grenade rifle (fires plasma grenades at an extreme rate)
2. Minigun Needler (launches exactly 60 purple needles a second at a foe)
3. Ultimate Elite Plasma Rifle (Has extremly accurate fast firing yellow Plasma bolts and also has a fuel rod secondary fire, this rifle is for my ultimate elites but since your playing as a toned down one i thought it would be nice to get a taste of what my FINAL Ultimate Elite will have)
4. NUKE PISTOL charge it up and watch the biggest fireworks display ever seen oh and then a rain of guns and dead bodies. ^^


1. AI has been completly re-mapped, Covenant are set in formations and marines now attack from all fronts plus marine AI has been re-made and is slightly stronger than before. (Still get caked though, planning to have fixed this in the FINAL)

2. A Marine base has been added with gun turrets and armory and 2 guards walking around on top of it (the marine base is UNFINISHED)

3. The 3 original super weapons have been improved ALOT and the 4th weapon just kicks ass

Things fixed:

Everything from beta 2 besides point 1 and 2 below

Known bugs/issues

1. Even if you play on the Marine side you will still be an elite.

2. You spawn in the enemy base quite alot, just keep restarting the game till your at the right base (Have no idea why please email me if you know how to get rid of this)

3. People have reported that the Wraiths used on this map can cause sevre lag and i too have found this out so wraiths have been removed and instead have been replaced with Spectres (they will be changed in the final but i havent made my mind up as to what vehicle to have yet)


Beta testers:

TheGhost (for some of his very good tutorials and his LAAG Turrets)


Spectre maker (sorry dont know who made it, but if your the person that made it please email me and i will put you in the credits next time).


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