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Title: Extinction
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: (DA)Ender
Description: The UNSC cruiser hovering above Hotzone, the 'Genocide' was shot down by the Covenant

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 38.3M  Date: 08/27/06
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 397,414
User Rating: 9.2

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User Rating: 9.2

File Notes

Supports all gametypes.
Designed for 8-16 players.
Best played in team gametypes.

The story:
The UNSC cruiser hovering above Hotzone, the 'Genocide' was shot down by the Covenant Flagship. On the way down, the Genocide fired its MAC cannon at the Covenant ship, disabling it. Both starships crashed on this section of halo and are fighting for supremecy of the desert.

The ships:
The Genocide Halcyon cruiser: Taken out by a plasma torpedo to the rear, it flew from the sky overlooking Hotzone, to a desert plateau roughly 250 KM up the ring. Thanks to the structural genious of Halcyon cruisers, the Genocide remains nearly undamaged from the crash.

The Vanity and Humility Covenant Flagship: Disabled by a MAC round, it managed a controlled landing. With most of its systems intact, The Vanity and Humility activated its gravity lift and dispersed its troops and vehicles.

Brute Ghost
Fuel Rod Ghost
Passenger Warthog
Missle\Chaingun Warthog
Guass Warthog
Plasma Gun Tower
Missle Jet

New Vehicles:
Missile Warthog: Similar to the standard UNSC Warthog in every way, except the turrets fire four missles that are attached to the rear-mounted .30 cal chaingun.

Passenger Warthog: Designed for quick getaways, this Warthog has no weapons and can reach higher speeds than the standard M12 Warthog.

Jets: The human forces smallest, fastest version of the T51 Skyhawk, sporting four missile pods and and 2 wing-mounted anti-tank missiles.

Covenant Seraph: The Seraph is Covenant single ship. Seraphs are small, fast, and powerful. Boasting twin plasma cannons that fire plasma bolts and secondary plasma torpedoes.

Covenant Scarab: A dangerous nearly indistructible covenant vehicle. The only apparent weakness is the power conduits on its underside. An air strike of two or three jets would prove effective. The Scarab's Main plasma cannon must be charged for three seconds and obliterates most targets with a single hit. The Scarab's secondary cannon fires smaller, less damaging rounds, but has a greater field of fire.

Brute Ghost: Much like the Brute version of the Plasma Rifle, ThIs ghosts weapon fires faster , and the Vehicle travels faster, but is less manuverable.

Phantom: Much the like the Scarab, this is a custom version of the Halo 2 version. Fully Driveable this Phantom has an interior and can transport up to 12 passengers plus a co-pilot.

The Evolution Of The Scarab Custom Edition Vehicle: Scarab Beta 4:

Scarab Beta 7:

Scarab beta 8:

Scarab beta 13:

The Halo 2 Scarab Conversion Team is:
(DA)Ender, Jayden, =Ep=TeeKup, Strider Vega Core

The Halo 2 Scarab Conversion Team Credits:
Modeling/UVW maps: Jayden, Tiamat, SVC
Animations: (DA)Ender, Tiamat
Weapons: (DA)Ender
Main Vehicle Tagging: (DA)Ender
Physics: Tiamat, (DA)Ender
Rigging: (DA)Ender, Tiamat
Final Rig: Tiamat

Anything new you see in this map was developed by the Scarab Conversion team or Tiamat and/or any combination of the two.

Special thanks:
Tiamat- from the first day I started mapping, he has been the one I looked up to. Working with him has been the most enjoyable time ever spent on a map.

Jayden: Always being a great supporting friend and helping me with the various problems I came up with, being a perfectionist bitch, as well as introducing a new band to me, Mindless Self Indulgence. Jayden was a big part of this map and I can never repay him for all he has done for me.

Rossmum: He took the time from his 'busy' schedule to help me with Extinction, he went from hateing the map, to wanting to help with it. I don't think Extinction would have been finished without him.

=EP=TeeKup: For never ending moral support, models and funny one-liners without the funny.

Final thoughts:
This map is dedicated to Jayden and =EP=Teekie, they stuck by me no matter what anyone said, I can never repay them, they are like brothers to me.

As Quoted by Jahrain:
This map is unprotected. Feel free to, but not limited to rip, reuse, render, fix, improve, remake, learn from, or re-release anything contained within this map. Just donít use it to gain profit in any way, shape or form without written permission. Also, it would be nice to credit me for anything you release containing my tags, and to keep what ever map using my tags unprotected as well so that others can learn from or benefit from them to help make a more productive and friendly development community.

Ender- All your base are belong to us
Jayden- Teh Scarab LOLPWNS joo!
Rossmum- Heh, 512th post. A post for every MB of ram my shitbox has...
Reaper Man- Warning: the interweb is about to explode!
=EP=T££Kup: Prepare for total annihilation by teh Scarab..KAAAY :P


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