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The Engine Room 2.0

Title: The Engine Room 2.0
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Diablo65
Description: You are teamed up with a bunch of Marines on one side of the vent core block that makes up the majority of the map, with AI Bot Flood respawning at the other side, charging at you.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 40.2M  Date: 07/31/06
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 36,837
User Rating: 8.6

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User Rating: 8.6

File Notes

--- Map info ---

You are teamed up with a bunch of Marines on one side of the vent core block that makes up the majority of the map, with Flood respawning at the other side, charging at you. The Marines use LAAG turrets, and use Battle Rifles, Assault rifles and Shotguns to defend themselves. It's your job to help them out. Or cover in a corner. Your call.

The flood don a large variety of weapons, including energy swords, SMG's, Assault Rifles, Plasma rifles and more. They will follow a short path using command lists, and then get their free will, attacking whatever is closest.

--- Version notes ---

Beta: No death effects for the flood, slight lag, Flood had less free will.
1.0: Contained an exception error that made Halo CE crash when a Needler flood died. Other Needler-flood reallated conditions existed with the same result.
1.1: The Error was fixed and easter eggs were added.
2.0: The current version. Added support for objective gametypes and fixed a shortcut.

--- Credits ---

~ Once again, I owe TheGhost for his awesome turrets =)

~ The SMG is once again from, with the original author still unknown.

~ And the battle rifle... Sadly I've forgotten the author of this one, I sincerly apologize to the creator of this great weapon... Minor balancing has been done by me to this one...

~ HaloPCE for lots of help, and specificaly the user 'Index' for help and pointers to improve the framerate ^^

~ And slight credit to SniperWolf for making me smile with his trailer video. :-)

--- New content ---

As with Lethality Canyon (For download see Contact bellow) this mod doesnt have all that much new content, But I'd say its fun to play anyways. New items include an SMG, a Battle Rifle, TheGhost's LAAG turrets.. that's pretty much it.

--- Easter eggs ---

There are 4 eggs in this map, 3 of which nobody cares about. These three are scribbles of text found in various places on the map. The 4th is a super weapon. Now-now, dont worry, it wont ruin the gameplay. In fact, I doubt anybody will ever find it, seeing as the only way to get to it is invisible and impossible to find unless your darn lucky. So please, dont fuzz about the eggs, and just enjoy killing some flood. I do. ^_^

If you're presistent and wont stop playing untill you find the weapon (I've had 4 or so PM's like that), there is a clue as where to jump to find it.
The clue is:

In a room with a ledge overlooking the parasites, with a single spawn inside it, jump from the ledge towards another ledge. The teleporter is in mid-air.

--- Known issues ---

There are no current known issues. Yay. :)

--- Contact ---

PM Diablo65 at
Other AI mods avalible at

Enjoy the map, and have fun ^^



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