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S-M-E beta V11

Title: S-M-E beta V11
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Kirby_422

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 21.1M  Date: 07/06/06
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 18,745
User Rating: 9.1

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User Rating: 9.1

File Notes

S-M-E v11
by Kirby_422

well, I think this is the last multiplayer map, I am planning on making a singleplayer level their are secret vehicles, I will give you hints on how to spawn them farther down. I removed the puma, because I didnít feel like modeling it.. instead, I added metal sonic (sonic adventure 2 metal sonic), and the metroid prime 2 Heavy turret (in the MP2 multiplayer level shooting gallery, and in the actually game mode they are called vulcarian class turrets in scan data) and finaly, the one that CAN be most deadly, the Kirby warp star, you can use what ever gun your holding on it (fear those with ryno IIs..) the star is fast, mobile, and can pwn people easly with the right guns *anything strong, cough*

I added scenery, Metal madness (Sonic Heroes ultimate boss) and a extremely gimpy goomba (mario.. little stubby brown enemy) Sorry for the crappy vehicle models lol... (more of talking about thugs-4-less tank hurts the eyes) one of the new vehicles isent spawning because there are tomany vehicles, if u are luckly enough to get them, they are hover ship things from ratchet going comando in insomniac museum, they will be in Cheat_all_vehicles, they hold 6 passangers, 2 each side, one front, one back, then driver enjoy the weapon + vehicle guide I made, sorry it doesent have many details on each thing, I was preserving space lol, it also includes the ship thats not seeming to spawn anymore, so dont go "where is it?!?!, I must stay up all day and night to find it"

GIANT KIRBY: kirby rules u all, spaces are _'s

GIANT TAILS: something about my friend fox praising me, the S in the end of rules is a Z the way you test spawning em is use devmode, and object_create_anew OBJECT-NAME-HERE those 2 spawn in the middle of the map when u add the right object_create_anew
if u want the codes, you could try and be my friend, fox's friend, or just bug me till I spill the beans lol (might tell you guys the kirby code, cause darn mcaffe firewall made it useless to me)

Giant kirby: 2 attacks, needle and cutter, both home in, and both should be murderous weapons, driver seat is mouth

Giant Tails: shoots thunder shoot (name used in sonic heroes... they could have got a better name lol) a ball of electricity, homes in, stuns, driver seat on nose

If a player named fox is the host, fear my buddys giant tails I made him lol, hes been practising with it for weeks before this version even came out, so fear him Any suggestions, send them to me


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