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Title: Hotzone
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: (DA)Ender

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 27.9M  Date: 05/06/06
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 33,285
User Rating: 8.9

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User Rating: 8.9

File Notes

Supports all gametypes except race

Assault Pelican: sports four .50 caliber chainguns that fire 30 rounds per second
it also uses magnets to transport and drop pods containing weapons onto the battlefield

Warthog: a speedy hog with four missles are attached to the rear-mounted .30 cal chaingun

Covenant Scarab: A dangerous nearly indistructible covenant vehicle. The only way to take it out is
by attacking its underside or with a continuous stream of fire, also an air strike would prove effective.
its plasma cannon obliterates most targets with a single hit, so keep your distance

Mythos: a human assault vehicle designed to counter large air force and ground assaults.
its high-energy rounds annihilate vehicles with weaker armor

Jets: the human forces smallest, fastest version of the T51 skyhawk, sporting four 0.30 caliber
chainguns and 4 anti-tank missiles

Tanks: Slow but powerfull, boasting a standard cannon with a .50 cal turret

Kagotanks: fast and manuverable, with a shell that adheres to its target before exploding

Broadsword Fighter: The standard UNSC singleship but the door to its engine room has been opened

Tags\Models\Animations made by (DA)Ender:
hpistol- (DA)Ender
bigsniper2- Modeled by Tweek\Bungie- Skinned by Tiamat
Sg14: remodeled by (DA)Ender, animated by (DA)Ender, tagged by (DA)Ender
Misslehog: remodeled, animated and tagged by (DA)Ender
Jet: remodeled, animated, and tagged by (DA)Ender
hpelican- re-modeled and animated and tagged by (DA)Ender
H2 rocket launcher- modeled by (DA)Ender
Biped: skinned, animated and tagged by (DA)Ender
H-shotgun: skinned,remodeled and animated by (DA)Ender
broadsword: modeled and tagged by (DA)Ender
Floorarrow decals\bitmaps by (DA)Ender
Red base walls: FMT~BTE
hev: skinned by Jayden\(DA)Ender
Scarab boarder: FMT~BTE
**you may use any of these tags as long as proper credit is given.

I obtained permission from Tiamat to use some of his tags from hugeass that were'nt released
very few tags in this map are used without permission
Teleporter frame- Tiamat (used with permission)
8floors scenery- Tiamat (used with permission)
Anti-armor rifle- Tiamat (used with permission)
Ladder- Tiamat (used with permission)
Bomb- CMT team (used with permission
Halo 2 Med Tent- blaz0, lightning, and caz
Mythos: Tiamat (used with permission)
Hands: Tiamat (used with permission)
Special Thanks to:
Tiamat: for answering endless spam of questions, helping me with scripts and giveing me permission to use his tags
without Tiamat this project would have never been started or finished

FMT~Bloodthirstyemu: For making killer models and giveing me crazy creative ideas

Jayden: Being a great supporting friend and helping me with the various problems i came up with
Jayden was a big part of this map and i cant thank him enough for all he has done to help me

Lightning: helped me with sounds and scripts, this map wouldent be what it is without him

(ES)Kenshin- teh security man, he found sevral hotzone leak uploads and told me about them so i could have them removed
the guy likes google way to thanks to you Kenshin!

Denis: thanks for uploading hotzone, and your continued support of HaloCE

Beta testers:
Holy crap alot of people were involved with this map. if i forgot to add you
insert name here ________
i really owe alot to my beta testers
The testers are as follows:

Strider Vega Core
Spike The Hedgehog


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