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Reach City

Title: Reach City
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: (DA)Ender
Description: A modified streets of earth city map

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 18.8M  Date: 01/04/06
Downloads: 39,124
User Rating: 8.8

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User Rating: 8.8

File Notes

Map name: REACH city

Description: After the Covenant invaded earth the city was turned into a post apocalyptic wasteland.Its now a dark Abandoned city.
Dead litter the street, covenant and human alike. The Covenant have been repeled to the Undercity.
The regular marines were unable to finish the job so ODST's were sent in to finish up and take back the city.

Map size: medium


Story: REACH city got its name from the fallen planet REACH. Its a section of Old Mombasa on Earth. After the Covenant invaded earth the city was turned into a post apcocalyptic wasteland.
Its now a dark Abandoned city. The Covenant have been repeled to the Undercity.
The regular marines were unable to finish the job so ODST's were sent in to finish up and take back the city.

you play as an ODST

I used the Streets_of_earth_city BSP although it doesnt look anything like the old map
supports all gametypes
best played with 6+ people on any game type CTF and Oddball are the most fun
secrets: of course. good luck finding them though ;P

M41 Turret- high powered, 50 cal turret but its stationary.
Viper- fast civilian vehicle, not to mention stylish
Gauss Warthog- unchanged
Pelican- has turret in rear troop bay
Phantom- has working turret and good camera track. it is the fastest vehicle on the map
Civilian Warthog- Civilian imitation of the M12 LRV Warthog, very fast and has styling neon lights on the chasis

Starting weapons:
Slayer: Assault Rifle, Battle rifle.
Capture The Flag: Brute Plasma Rifle, Battle Rifle
Oddball: Assault Rifle, Anti-Armor Rifle (Big Sniper from Hugeass)
King Of The Hill: Dual Magnums, Energy Sword
Race: Fuel Rod Cannon
if you dont like the starting equipment just create a custom gametype and change it to better suit you.

some tags we're obtained with HEK plus here are the credits for them. some names are unknown because the creator of the map
was unknown or blank
Viper- Baturkin-Bacon map team
Pelican- JackBauer
Phantom- nick010, and unknown tags were mixed to make it suck less
Civlian Warthog- Unknown/ halo 2 ce map team
Teleporter frame- Tiamat
Rfrailgun [DD]Zion (public download)
Energy Sword: by Jahrain (public download)
Drop Pod scenery- SonicXtreme
Hugeass green assault rifle- Tiamat
ODST- unknown
h2, van, car, bus- halo 2 ce team
redtriangle- unknown
Ncyborg Firstperson hands- Tiamat (pubic download)
Battle rife, SMG, and Magnum tags- Knave (public download)
Scout- PDummy & Captain Lag (public download)
C4- Tiamat (public download)
ODST dead scenery- bacon map team
Brute plasma rifle tags- Jackbauer
H2-Plasma rifle tags- Jackbauer
street lamp tags-Elite Hunter
sniper rifle- Offspring
hog billboard, UNSC billboard, evac and warning signs by- the halo 2 CE team
sky- halo 2 ce team
8floors scenery- Tiamat
dumpster- Offspring and infamouslink
BSP structure- unknown
anti-armor rifle- Tiamat
dual magnum tags- Knave
ice fields bridge scenery- BloodThristyEmu
City metal Bridge- BloodThirstyEmu
human turret- halo 2 ce team
scarab rifle projectiles by Jayden
nuke projectiles by Tiamat

Special Thanks:
-BloodThirstyEmu for models, beta testing, Ideas, and helping me suck less. he helped me do so many things and
i can't thank him enough he helped alot with this map

-Drednaught- for beta testing and being a great supportive friend
-Joe- beta testing
-(DA)Elite- beta testing


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