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Title: Firewing
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: (DA)Ender

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 29.2M  Date: 12/30/05
Downloads: 11,690
User Rating: 8.8

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User Rating: 8.8

File Notes

ok if wingzero was zerowings sister map then firewing is its brother.
this is NOT a varient of zerowing however i did take many ideas from zerowing.
i used the d40 BSP so its at the same place as zerowing. i have dragons specific permission to
continue his saga as well as using some of his ideas.

FOR VEHICLES TO SPAWN WHERE I INTENDED THEM TO: create a custom game and set the all the vehicles for red and blue
teams to 4
best played with 8+ people on any game type
secrets: hek yes! c4 and nuke launcher hidden in the map

the ODST could use some work it doesnt look the best but it's still awesome!

vehicles: a suped-up heritic banshee which acts more like a bomber than a fighter
a suped-up wasp so it can compete with the other heavy vehicles
blackhog(flamehog) turret doesnt shoot flames. shoots a kind of missle that is extremly acurate but not all that powerful
c_jet...well you pretty much know how this one works (basic pwnage)
Npelican unchanged
c_dropship's weapon's rate of fire increased

Starting weapons:
Slayer: Assault Rifle, Battle rifle.
Capture The Flag: Battle rifle, SMG
Oddball: Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, ******
King Of The Hill: Fuel Rod Cannon, Energy Sword
Race: Energy Sword, ******
if you dont like the starting equipment just create a custom gametype and change it to better suit you.

flamehog-Bacon map team (bacons_race_track_v2)
Npelican- Tiamat (public release)
heritic banshee- SonicXtreme and SUPERSUNNY (groundzero)
C_jet- Tiamat (public download)
Wasp- Modeled by Dominator. Skinned by Lightning. Tagged by SSDC. Concept made by Mothergoat. Map by Neuro ko neza (immure)
Teleporter frame- Tiamat (hugeass)
rfrailgun [DD]Zion
Energy Sword: by Jahrain (public download)
drop pod scenery- SonicXtreme
Hugeass green assault rifle- Tiamat (hugeass)
ODST- __________ (headlong)
Ncyborg Firstperson hands- Tiamat (pubic download)
Battle rife, SMG, and Magnum tags- Knave

Special Thanks:
-BloodThirstyEmu for beta testing and helping me suck less. whenever i feel im done a map and cant find anymore glitches
i give it to him and he points out 10-15 things that are messed up.

-Ultimate_Dragon for ideas and general assistance. He's very patient with my noobish questions.


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