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Various Tutorials from the Halo Wiki as of DEC-200

Title: Various Tutorials from the Halo Wiki as of DEC-2005 - PDF Format
Section: Tutorials
Author: Various Authors

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 7.4M  Date: 11/29/05
Downloads: 3,505
User Rating: 9.1

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User Rating: 9.1

File Notes

Halo Editing Kit
How do I start mapping for Halo CE?
HEK Tutorial Original HTML Document, Modified for Wiki
Halo Reticle Tutorial by JackBauer
HEK - Tool.exe
Fixing Open Edges & Other Tool Geometry Errors by EViLDaVE
Making Custom Sound Tags | Adding Custom Sounds to Your Gun by SuperSunny and UPDATED by CptLag
Creating your own Sky Gearbox Models (WIP) by EViLDaVE
Adding strings with Tool by Steelix B
Custom Animations Tutorial - Basic by Ki L La
Custom Animations Tutorial - 3p by Ki L La
How to create sprite / sequence bitmap tags by Steelix B

HEK - Sapien.exe

Wind In Sapien by MasterChief_123
Adding AI To MP Maps (Video) by Aztec & Some Random Guy
Net Game Flags Placement (inc. Wind for CTF Flags) by Xzzy
“Super Simple Teleporter Tutorial” by ª d®ûÑk ©øp
HEK - Guerilla.exe
Four Seated Warthog by Ang88
Making the Custom Sky from the SoT Map by EViLDaVE
How to add Water by SuperSunny & Baka?
Tutorial on making new skys by mattp001
How to add Ghost Plasma Stun Effect by Colin?
How to create chain spawning projectiles by Deimos
Adding extra seats in vehicles by Super Sunny
Basic Destructible Scenery\Vehicles tutorial by The Missing Link 117?
HEK - Custom Weapons
Custom Weapon Tutorial Part1 - Before the HEK by Choel & DepthCharge
Custom Weapon Tutorial Part2 - .weapon_is_fun by Choel & DepthCharge
Custom Weapon Tutorial Subsection - Light Volumes - DRUGZ ARE FUN by Choel & DepthCharge
Simple Weapon Tutorial Step-by-step - By ZiON
Custom Weapon Strings by Steelix B
HEK - Custom Vehicles
Very Basic tutorial on custom vehicles by Axeman

3D Modeling
The Huge-Butt List of 3D Modeling Resources

3DS Max
Create an a30 Halo-Style Waterfall
Creating Basic Terrain by SomeRhino
Creating More Advanced Terrain using Displace Modifier by EViLDaVE
3D Modelling Tutorial: the Base from Bloodgulch by EViLDaVE
3D Modelling Tutorial: Cel-Shading by SuperSunny and CMDR Reservoir
Exporting models using the GBX model extractor by Gav89

Skinning & Texturing
Skinning Tutorial by mattp001?
Tutorial on Making Textures Tileable for use as Detail Maps by EViLDaVE
PSP8 version of Tilable textures
Advanced UVW Mapping using UVWUnwrap (WIP) by EViLDaVE
Creating New Textures for Objects That Already Have a Texture by HitManBob?


Adding Custom Scripts by kornman00?
Getting Scripting Documentation by Pkmnrulz240
Playing music with Scripts (SP) by Pkmnrulz240

Use -devmode effectively by Timo12


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