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Title: Extremglch
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Anesthetic
Description: A modified BloodGulch

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 5.9M  Date: 09/13/05
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 8,120
User Rating: 8.6

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User Rating: 8.6

File Notes

Ok this is a mod for BloodGulch called extremglch
Changes are:


Rocket launcher shots are faster (for both the hanheld version and on the warthog)
Flamethrower flames last a little bit longer
Fuel Rod Gun shots have a longer lifespan
Pistol shots have some force and stun people when they are shot for a few seconds
Plasma Pistol soots some shrubs that float in the air, and when charged up shoots a small tree (for camoflauge and to hide in)
Plasma Rifle shoots slightly faster
Assualt Rifle shoots needler bullets that have a fuse for 10 seconds and then explode, also never runs out of ammo (never have to reload)
Shotgun shoots 3 floating plasma grenades that explode on impact usally
Sniper now shoots wicked sick covenet plasma sniper shots (kinda like halo 2), also can shoot much faster almost as fast as a automatic rifle (but you have to click the shooting button every time)
Frag grenade is dropped like a mine does more dameage a bigger explosion and radius and has a 20 second fuse
Plasma Grenade is now thrown horizontally and explodes on impact (if thrown against a wall it bounces of and floats in midair)


Rocket Warthog the gun turret now fires 6 rockets really fast then reloads also for both warthogs you now drive it as if you were underneath the car like in the picture
Warthog now fires fuel rods into the air instead of bullets
Ghost now flies in the air automatically and fires pistol shots instead
Scorpien is now a random jumping tank that is random and kinda funny to watch
Banshee is now super fast

Other/Globels/Master Chief:

The warthog doesnt spray any dirt or grass behind it from under the wheels when it is in motion
You now jump higher than usual
You don't get hurt from falling
When you press chrouch and hold it while moving you walk faster (run)


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