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Halo2 MasterChief Biped Tags

Title: Halo2 MasterChief Biped Tags
Section: Halo CE Biped Tags
Author: Jahrain

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 9.1M  Date: 09/11/05
Downloads: 6,385
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

***HALO 2 to HALO CE Master Chief Biped Conversion***

Character Models by Bungie
Conversion by Jahrain
Reskinning and Halo 2 Shader emulation by Jahrain
Character and FP hands rigging by Jahrain

Installation Intructions:
1). Exctract files to /tags/characters/
2). Make a back up of the tags/globals/globals.globals tag
3). Open the globals.globals tag in guerilla
4). Scroll down about 75% though the tag and find the Multiplayer Information Block.
5). Put characters\halo2_masterchief\cyborg_mp for the unit.
6). scroll down some more and find the First Person Interface block and set the first
person hands to characters\halo2_masterchief\fp\fp rigged
7). Save your globals tag.

Addition Customization:
***Please note: You should always set all of the shader tags for each secondary color permutation to the same values and setting for shader customization.

To set up your model's shaders so the lighting fits your map's lighting, your should first determine the average light color of the map. If the map is in a dusky sun set setting the average color may be a tint of orange. If your map is in a icy canyon, the average color may be a light blue. Once you have desided what the average color of your map is, open each shader tag included in the package and set the Self-Illumination color value's upper and lower bounds to the range of Of the average light color in the map. You may also have a custom cube map that you can add to the reflection properties at the bottom. Also if your using the default cube map included, its sugesseted that you set the reflection color bounds to a a secondary average color from the map. Usually it would be what the ambient lighting is in the map. If you dont know what that means, that means that you should pick the average color of the map's bsp as the reflection color bounds. Be sure to do the same
for the FP hands as well.

Soon to come:
More secondary colors
Completed halo 2 bloom emulation
Secondary colors on FP hands

If you choose to release a map using these tags be sure to do the following. GIVE CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE! (quote by M4573R5 1337) These model were created by Bungie. Make sure you credit them for the models. These models, LODs included, were rigged by me. I don't care if my name gets mensioned in the credits or not just dont go claiming you did that or give others the idea that you rigged the model. The same applies for the custom shaders. Taking credit for something that someone else has created is just upright disrespect to the original creators.

<3 Open source :)
Open sourcing is the best way to go in a development community. Your not only proving goodies for the unknown players that you may never know about, you creating something that your fellow developers can enjoy just as much. In order to maintain a friendly and productive modding community, its best to open source things that your fellow modders can enjoy and in return others will open source something that you have always wanted. It speeds up the development for others and allows them to focus on other tasks to create a better end result. Those are just the basis of evolution. Some times we think that open sourcing something can have a slight negative impact if a wild group of noobs gather and miss-uses or over uses something open sourced and just forget about the amount of positivity that can be created but with held by a fear of noobies, which I happen to call 'Noobaphobia', and it brings down a development community or keeps it from progressing in some way. Most of the top modding supported games out there are forced-open-source such as unreal and hl2. So theres no need to worry about persuading people to open source what they did and thats what links these games to being at the top of the modding food chain. I strongly encourage anyone who uses these tags to see my views in why you should support the open sourcing of tags and information in Halo CE. If you dont see any point in open sourcing becuase you think theres nothing to gain back in return or fear of not getting credit or something then put it this way. Who would you rather gain recognition from? A bunch of random fan boys who like to play your stuff of a bunch of fellow developers who appreciate what you have done for them. Also i should add, don't look at others work as competition with what your working on. Look at it as inspiration to make your work even better just how artists look at paintings from others to inspire them to create something even better.

Been diagnosted by your doctor with Noobaphobia? Theres a cure. Look at the situation and consider all the negative affects that you think just may accur and ask yourself. "would this ruin my life if it happened?","Would this completely ruin the lifes of others I care for?","Do i see any point to continue living if this ever occured?" If answered No to these questions then you should be cured of Noobaphobia ;)