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Max Payne-style HUD for Halo Tags

Title: Max Payne-style HUD for Halo Tags
Section: Halo CE Misc. Tags
Author: p0lar_bear
Description: Tags for Health and shield meters that appear as filled outlines of SPARTAN-II's.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 105.5K  Date: 09/08/05
Downloads: 1,273
User Rating: 8.3

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User Rating: 8.3

File Notes

Extract the contents of this archive to your tags folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\tags).

If you wish to stop using my HUD at any time, I included copies of the original HUD tags. Look for the original (i.e. "Copy of cyborg.hud_unit_interface"), delete the file that has the same name as that (you would delete the "cyborg.hud_unit_interface"), and rename the original file by getting rid of the "Copy of" in front of it (rename "Copy of Cyborg.unit_hud_interface" to "Cyborg.unit_hud_interface"). All updated tags are as follows:



Hey guys, p0lar_bear here.

I started working on this HUD idea for about a week and a half before release. This HUD contains an updated look for health and shield meters a la Max Payne. As your shield takes damage, the yellow outline gets thinner, and as you take damage, the fill color will change and deplete until you die. There are also health meters for 'Hog gunners and passengers and tank passengers. In fact, here is a list of what this contains:

-Bitmap tags for the meters and outlines.
-Updated HUD interface tags for the player (Health, Shields, and Flashlight)
-Updated HUD interface tags for the Warthog/Rocket Hog (Passenger and Gunner Health)
-New HUD interface tags for the Scorpion (Passenger Health)
-An updated scorpion_mp.vehicle tag that uses the HUD interface tags
-Backups of each modified tag in case you do not like this HUD and wish to go back to whatever you were using.

(I don't know why, but the HEK didn't come with passenger life meters for the scorpion. I added them and edited the original scorpion_mp.vehicle to use those HUD interfaces)

These tags are designed for use with maps that contain little to no custom content (apart from the map collision BSP itself). In other words, these tags will only work for maps that use the default cyborg biped, and the Warthog, Rocket Warthog and Scorpion. So if you make a map that has all custom vehicles and a custom biped in it, you will not see this HUD unless you point the tags to these hud interfaces.

Also, I would have made Ghost and Banshee life meters like in the Halo campaign, but nobody has made a solo map with the SP ghost and banshee. If someone does manage to make one, then I will make those meters.

Anyway, enjoy. :)


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