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Halo 2 energy sword prototype tags

Title: Halo 2 energy sword prototype tags
Section: Halo CE Weapon Tags
Author: Jahrain
Description: Real Halo 2 Lunging Energy Sword Tags version 1 prototype

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 2.7M  Date: 08/01/05
Downloads: 4,628
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

Real Halo 2 Lunging Energy Sword Tags version 1 prototype
By: Jahrain

Original non-lunging energy sword tags
by: Doc Oct

Added Features:
-Lunges only when the reticle is red
-Sword glows in 3rd person like the energy swords from single player
-Replicated Halo 2 FP animations
-Fixed looping 3rd person lunging animations
-Better usage of the sound effects

Installation Intructions:

Extract files to your tags folder.
Back up your cyborg animations (using the file menu) by copying and pasting the cyborg
animations to your characters\cyborg folder.
Do the same for the globals and UI tags in there respected folders.
Place the item collection tags wherever you want.
Now enjoy the once impossible feature of energy sword lunging in halo ce.

Its also suggested you download doc's original tags for some additional additional tag files
I may have left out.

NOTE: These tags are not to be used any old idiot. >_<

There are 2 types of energy sword tags: Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 - This version uses a quite unpredicable lunge thats created
from a chain of markers that uses a sequence of damage effects. The
markers are located on an empty equipment tag and the effect is spawned
by the creation effect. The equipment is spawned at the negative incident
location of where it hits from the invisible projectile hits. It is set to
only happen on the cyborg armor and cyborg energy shield, hence the reason
it only lunges at bipeds. If you set the effect on any other material,
it should lunge at that also.

Type 2 - This works just like type 1 only a projectile is created at the
incident location on the material effects, so this sends another projectile
heading right back at who ever shot it. The material effect for this exchange
in projectiles spawns a blank equipment model with a set of markers behind
it. The creation effect on this equipment spawns a single damage effect
that always appears right behind your player. This damage effect sends you
lunging at high speed at your target.

Advantages and disadvantages:
Type 2 has the advantage of variable ranges based on the max range of the
projectiles. The other advantage is that its much more predictable since there is
just 1 event of damage effects created. However, the big disadvantage of this type
is that its way more warpy and poorly synced with online play but works
perfectly for single player. This is because effect is being created on your
own player not the target. The other method has a strict range since the
higher the range is on the chain or markers the more unpredicable it becomes
to move your player from 1 marker to a next from damage effects alone.
Yet there is less warpage with online play in type 1 since the effects come
from the target so its synced better online.

This sucks:
Both types use a crappy damaging system which you should change to work how
you want. It merely sends a timed detonation on the initial projectile
so your target dies as soon as you reach them. Yet even if you miss or the
lunge fails to occur you still get the kill. The timed detonation also allows
your target to kill you also before he dies so most of the time when your
target lunges at you while you lunge at them you will kill each other.

These tags are to learn from and to build off of for advanced Halo CE mappers.
You should customize them and perfect them to your own liking and not just
whore them in every map you make, leaving them untouched. These tags are not
perfected yet on my own side. These are just my first release. Once I find better
ways to work them, I will probably release update. Until then you should do the
same and try to find better ways to work them yourself. Im not satified with
how they work fully yet but some time in the future I plan to perfect them.
The main accomplisment shown here is that a lunge can be triggered when you lined
up your target just like in halo 2.

Theres lots of extra tags and effects also included that were not used but
feel free to look through them.



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