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Kick-Me Sign tags

Title: Kick-Me Sign tags
Section: Halo CE Scenery Tags
Author: p0lar_bear

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 701.4K  Date: 07/05/05
Downloads: 510
User Rating: pending

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User Rating: pending

File Notes

ll tags were created from scratch, bitmaps, shaders, etc. Even though the actions of this weapon tag resemble the Flag, that's all coincidental.

Before you get too happy with sticking this into Sapien, you will need to create a .item_collection tag for this. I apologize for not including this into the archive.

How it works is, when you run over the little pad of paper, you will pick it up and it will say "Picked up the flag." (I have a custom string for it on my comp, but that's me, not you.) Your ammo tracker and reticle will disappear, and if you are in third-person view, you will notice that you are standing in an unarmed stance. The signs act as a third weapon; you can swtich back to your other two weapons. Clicking the fire button will shoot a sign a little out in front of you, and you can still chuck grenades around. Melee is disabled, however. Notice that these signs will only stick to bipeds and vehicles. They will disappear when they come into contact with the floor, a wall, or a weapon. The signs will randomly have one of seven things written on them:

"Kick me - I r teh sux!" | "Ban me - I h4x" | "Teabag me - I'm AFK" | "Kill me - I have a $50 bill" | "^Noob" | "^Gh3y" | And a picture of a target.

There are small bugs with this. Hey, this is my first weapon tagset, gimmie a break.

1. If you look too far up or down, the signs will turn on their side when you toss them.
2. When you get into a vehicle with it equipped, the stack will appear over your head.
3. Also, I'm not sure if this is my map doing this or the signs doing it, but the reticle for vehicles disappears if you take the driver or gunner seat.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these tags.


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