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H2 Coagulation Movie Edition

Title: H2 Coagulation Movie Edition
Section: Maps for Machinima
Author: M4573R51337
Description: This is a Debug Version for movie making. Inside the cave, there is a teleporter that will bring you up on top of the map. You must use devmode to do the cheat to control other bipeds.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 63.5M  Date: 07/01/05
Downloads: 25,911
User Rating: 9.1

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User Rating: 9.1

File Notes

NOTE: If this map and the normal H2 Coagulation map is in your MAP folder at the same time you may not be able to see the standard H2 Coagulation map in you Halo CE lobby. You should only have one version of the map in your \map folder at a time.

Well, here it is, CMT has been working on Coagulation since mid November. As all of you should know, CMT is Converstion map team, meaning WE USE BUNGIES MODELS, BITMAPS and SOUNDS WE DID NOT CREATE THEM. CMT did create some custom stuff, if something was not in h2 like the rhog, CMT did it.
You should be able to recognize stuff that is bungies, and not ours.

CMT is responsible for getting everything ingame, making the mods, and making everythign funtional and fun
We are proud to present to you H2 Coagulation
We hope you enjoy our efforts of the past 7 months

ME Edition Edition
This is a Debug Version for movie making. Inside the cave, there is a teleporter that will bring you up on top of the map. You must use devmode to do the cheat to control other bipeds. the cheat comand is

cheat_bump_possession 1

You can get alldevce at

Again, this map is made for movie making, not for fun gameplay or competitive play

NOTE: When using the hunters, you must crouch to move and charge to fire.

The Team
KiLLa (deserves a huge round of applause, this project would have never started had I not met him)
The Ghost
Super Sunny
Genocide and Muffinman
Vinx (he never did much though)
Jack Bauer

Special Thanks to
Bungie for Halo, Halo 2 and all the models sounds and bitmaps we used
Viper Neo for the BSP
Ker hall(h2ce) for his 2 public bitmaps, the nade skin and the detail map for the flag
Rec0 for making an advanced biped weighter for our biped and letting us milk him for goat cheese
Jahrin for helping us last minute with his FP arms.
All the leakers for motivating us to outdo ourselves
Crimsion for the half baked shotty model and the h4x RL
Emmmaurgh for a great collection of detail maps, which was used on the hogs and the BR and SMG and Sniper
Legend and Beavis for the server and hours of testing and support
Nuero ko Neza for modeling the rocks
The moderators at Gearbox for putting up with all the hype and spam of people waiting for the mod
DOc Oct for the trees

If I forgot you, I probably did it intentionaly :-p, or mb I just forgot you. chances are, if you know me, contact me if I forgot to give you credit.


For future updates of our projects, visit


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